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Apparently my mom wants to know, and she wants the answer to be…


fahsI was talking with my dear friend Silver (name has been changed to protect anonymity) on gchat yesterday (Google Talk for those of you new-school enough to call it by another name) and we were talking about our mothers.

Both of us love our mothers dearly, but we are acutely aware of how despite constant appreciated counsel on certain topics, there are some things mom’s only want to hear one truth about (be it the actual truth or not).

Thus, there are things that should always be answered the way your mother wants to hear it. That’s not to say it isn’t actually the truth, but if it isn’t — feel free to keep up the facade. Breaking your mother’s heart and hearing about it incessantly isn’t worth being an Honest Abe.

Some things not worth factual disclosure:

- Amount of your credit card – Answer: I pay off the balance every month
- The status of your virginity (if you’re unmarried) – Answer: Mooom, I’m waiting until I’m married
- Whether or not you live with your significant other – Answer: (you just practiced this one) Mooom, I’m waiting until I’m married
- How often you swear when you’re not on the phone with them – Answer: Never
- The number of times you’ve showed up late to work this month – Answer: Zero
And most importantly,
- If you actually took your vitamins today – Answer: YES

So if your mom corners you on the phone, feel free to save both of you the hassle of an awkward or lecturing conversation and just answer her with the appropriate answers listed above.

Random side note. Today’s outfit:

Wear Pearls and Smile

Hope you’re all having a good one. I’m back to watching the Senate Finance Health Care Reform Mark.

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We Want to Reinvent Ourselves

So yeah, age is just a number, but sometimes it’s so much more than that. Or perhaps maybe it’s ALWAYS more than that. I’m not even sure. Age defines more than how long you’ve been alive. It goes to say how long you’ve had to experience life. I’m 26, so that gives me 26years of life’s lessons. 26years of love. Of pain. Or friendships. Of falling outs. But what’s that really amount to? Some people learn more in 1year of life, than others do in a whole lifetime. So I guess age really is just a marker of time. A number to signify how long we’ve existed, but who can say that a 15year old is any less versed in life than a 26year old, or vice versa. Experience is where all that other mess comes in.

I’m so frustrated right now. I don’t know what the right thing to do is and I’m stuck in a mess of confusion trying to make the right decision. For myself. For someone who prides herself on how far they’ve come the past few years, I’ve sure got a very long way to go before things really settle out the way I want them to. I need things to be going on around me at a quicker pace. I need just a new environment.

Maybe we want changes because we want to reinvent ourselves. Maybe we want changes because we’ve already outgrown our current position, and somewhere inside of us knows that we can’t stay in the same place any longer, less our internal and external environments are to be at odds forever. I don’t know. I don’t claim to know anything (OK, well, some things). I just feel this monstrous need to purge myself of everything in my head right now and I’m writing until my fingers are too exhausted to type, or my mind’s too exhausted to produce more thought. And perhaps, for now, that time has come.

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Look for brighter tomorrow’s, open your eyes to brighter today’s, care. About something.

Blogging In My Head


I write the best blogs in my head before falling asleep at night. Honest to goodness if my thoughts would just translate to text I’d have the most amazing blog ever. And I’d pretty much be rich because I’d accomplish 500 billion things a day because my mind goes to town before I fall asleep.

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They Call Her A Babbling Brook


I’ve been in migraine hell a lot lately. Post-drome’s starting to take it’s toll me. For those unfamiliar with migraines, post-drome is what comes after a migraine. For me it’s like the most intense, achy hangover ever. In daily life, I call it just that – my migraine hangover. But the soreness and fatigue that comes with getting through these things is unbearable. I’m hitting up the neurologist with a MAJOR appointment on the 21st where I’m expecting the millions of tests I’m subjecting myself to (once more) to yield in a miracle. I need a miracle here.

Boring talk aside, Scarlett’s staring a blog. I’ve had the pleasure of helping her create the banners/color scheme all day – detail for detail what she wanted. GREAT way to kill time. If she gives me permission, I’ll link to her blog in the future. She may want to do the anonymous thing though. Who knows.

Now as to whom Scarlett is – she’s one of my favorite people in DC, as previously referenced. Of all my friends up here, she also happens to be the most polite and proper. Thus, she’s good people. And someone who always reminds me to be a little bit nicer in life. Yes, I need the reminder.

Real post coming later. I just wanted to babble for a bit now.

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