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Just another Lilly Sunday


Got up EARLY today, made breakfast and started writing. LOTS going on in my life right now, but it’s all good. I unfortunately can’t share everything online, but as soon as I can share more, I definitely will.

Now, it’s time to enjoy the day — I’m off to hang out with the girls for another unforgettable Sunday in Georgetown.

Just another Lilly Sunday
Today’s Outfit

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Weekend, Where Are You?


So I saved this draft instead of publishing it yesterday. #fail. Here it is now…

Thursday’s are brutal. It’s not quite the weekend, but it feels like the weekend. More often than not I end up going out on Thursday nights and feeling like hell all of Friday. I really need to rethink this strategy because the feeling like hell part isn’t worth it, but there are always so many great Thursday evening opportunities in this city that I just can’t pass up.

Today I’ve been plagued by a 24hr (hopefully) stomach bug. I completely feel awful, but my friend is moving back to Australia on Sunday and we’re having a goodbye happy hour for him tonight, so that’s where I’ll be. And then I’ll proceed on to Georgetown to help support Fashion for Paws.

Today’s outfit:

Know Fisrt Who You Are

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Shopping Wish List

I’m doing my darn best not to shop right now. I’ve become a bit of a spendthrift as of late and in order to curb my loose spending habits, I’ve decided to just post everything that I want on my blog.

BC Footwear Thicker than Water II Peep Toe
$49.95 at DSW
How perfect would this versatile flats be with all of my Lilly favorites? *Let’s not lie, I WiLL be purchasing these sooner or later…

Classic Reva Flats
$195 from Tory Burch
If you’ve read my blog before, then you may know that I had these babies stolen from me a few weeks ago. SO sad I know. What’s a girl to do without her go-to Revas? *I ultimately need to replace these simple beauties, but I’ve spent so much on other shoes lately that I just can’t afford to go for them right now. Then again, how can I afford not to?

Market Bag – Creme Fraiche
$9.95 from Lilly Pulitzer
If I buy one more darn recycled, reusable bag… well then I’d have 15 more than I actually need. Seriously, I bet you I buy one almost EVERY time I go into Trader Joes. And now that “fashion” ones have started coming out, I just can’t help myself. I have so many in my trunk and in my closet now. *Can’t give in to this one. Regardless of how cute it is, just can’t allow myself to ever say yes.

First Mate Blazer
$128 from Anthropologie
How great is this jacket? Perfect for a fun nautical motif. Super versatile, I could wear this work or wear it out shopping on the weekend. *This is going on the list of ‘things I’ll one day own, but probably not before it goes on sale.’

Merona Women’s Meg Twill Skirt – Floral Print
$24.99 from Target
I’m a huge fan of classic floral skirts and this one just screams ELIZABETH. Seriously, I have the perfect top, shoes, handbag and accessories for it. Good thing it’s from Target, because that means it will be on sale before I know it. *Definitely buying as the weather gets warmer.

Seahorse Oversized Pendant Necklace

$19.99 from Target
I saw this necklace when walking in the store the other day an absolutely loved it. For only $20 it’s a total steal. I would have bought it right away, but my Target has been putting things on sale so quickly I figured I’ve give it a week or two just to see what happens. *Bought this morning, because it’s sold out online and I was afraid it wait around for it.

Suzi Chin Maggy Boutique Print Sateen Sheath Dress
$42.90 on sale at Nordstrom
I’ve yet to try this particular dress on, but I’m a big fan of the style and the textile seems pretty versatile. Definitely can’t beat the price.

Maggy London Short Sleeve Mesh & Satin Sheath

$58.00 on sale at Nordstrom
What a great spin on the Little Black Dress. I hate showing up at cocktail parties with the same style dress as all the other girls and this one is definitely fun and isn’t something that I’ve every other Georgetown-loving lady wearing yet.

Adrianna Pappell Shantung Dress
$89.90 on sale at Nordstrom
I’ve become a huge A.Pappell fan over the past year. This is simple little ditty would be perfect for picnics on the mall or an evening out on the Georgetown waterfront.

Adrianna Papell Matte Jersey & Taffeta Dress
$178 from Nordstrom
Not actually sure how this one would look on. I like the aesthetic in general because it’s different, but no stronger opinion that that.

Donna Morgan Printed Shift Dress

$98 from Nordstrom
LOVE this. So simple, so pretty. Definitely something I could wear for years to come. *Using my Christmas gift-card an indulging ASAP.

I’m fairly certain compiling everything that I want in one post has only made me want certain items more, but I’m trying to save and save with all my might. We’ll see how long I can hold out.

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Hindsight is


Hindsight is the perception of the nature of an event, after it has happened.

Some people say hindsight is 20/20. While I think it has the capability of being pretty close to that, but it’s never 20/20 perfect. I mean I don’t really think people can ever look back and understand and know everything perfectly. Sure they can get a better idea of how things were and how things should have been handled, but they can’t understand it perfectly. Furthermore, who cares if you can look back on things and know them fully. We are exactly who we are because of what we’ve said and done, and because of the things have happened in our lives. Yes, some things we live to regret and some things are quite painful, but it’s those things that create us. Without them, who would we be?

Even the best of people are flawed. We’re a culmination of our errors, our successes, our hopes, our fears. Yes, there’s been times in life I’ve been able to look back and say, ‘damn, I wish I didn’t say that’ or even do that, but fact is – I did. I did what I did at the time for whatever reason I saw fit. The play I made fit perfectly into the universe and everything thereafter.

I’ve lost friendships along life’s path, but perhaps without losing them, I never would have gained the amazing ones I have now. I wouldn’t appreciate the smaller things in life that really make me smile. From my suffering, comes my strength. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made more mistakes that I can count that I’ve hated and desperately wished to change in the moment… but now I’ve come to learn from them. Albeit the hard way more often than not, but those situations have made the strongest impressions on me. They became the blueprints from which my present has built its foundation.

Hindsight is merely a tool for us to learn from for the future. It’s our careful reflections of the past that give us the wisdom and the will to move forward and persevere when times are tough. Hindsight creates our hope, because it shows that life is flawed, but it always go on…

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Back to Basics


Wrote this on Saturday, not sure why it didn’t post then…

Today was the last day of CPAC 2010. While normally I sport colored suits at this event — so that I’m easy to find when talking to the Press or various authors/speakers — today I decided to go for the simple black suit. One, because it’s a classic. Two, because I was SO tired. I figured if you didn’t already know me or have my walkie number, then you probably didn’t NEED to speak to me with too much urgency.

Back to Basics: Simple Black Suit

This outfit has also made me realize I’m beginning to have enough polyvores that I’m able to repeat pieces without having to go and look for them. Like handbags and shoes. Granted I ALWAYS repeat my pearls, but this is nice. Makes things MUCH easier.

OK, totally beat. Bed now. REAL post tomorrow maybe.

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