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You Think You Know, But You Have NO Idea


Geeze Louise. I wish I could divulge EVERYTHING right now, but I can’t. And I know that kind of baiting is severely annoying, so just hold tight for a little bit. Maybe by this weekend I can fully say it all.
So Women’s Health magazine sends out these awesome daily emails. Sometimes it’s about food, other times fitness or beauty — but it’s always good info. Today they’re talking about sandwiches. I guess I’m pretty hungry right now (blogging through lunch at the moment), so I find it worth sharing. I’m not much of a pork person, but dang if this doesn’t look good. 

Pork with Red Onion Relish

Saute red onion slices in olive oil until soft, adding a splash of red wine vinegar as they cook. Slice roasted pork thinly, layer it on sourdough bread, and top the pork with the onion relish. Add a little ketchup if you like.

Check out more sandwiches HERE.

So yeah that’s my plug for Women’s Health. Even though I don’t actually get their magazine. Just these emails. Not quite sure how I even started to get them… I digress.

Which brings me to… (drum roll please)…

One of my favorite bloggers, Trish, over at Pink Preppy Lilly Lover started Pink and Green Thursday. Being obsessed with all things pink and green (my bio even claims as much), how could I NOT participate in this lovely day.

A gift I bought myself well over a year and a half ago, but have yet to play. Definitely thinking that I need to have a Lilly themed Summer party and pull this baby out.

My clocky! Yes I bought the raspberry runaway alarm clock about a month ago. I don’t remember who’s blog turned me on to him, but he’s great. Some days I find him in my room hanging out, other times I’m running down the hallway trying to see where he’s hidden. Definitely the most annoying darn thing ever, but he gets me up and out of bed all the same.

My new apron from K-Mart. I know, I know, DC GOP Girl doesn’t cook. Well she’s working on that and this super steal was too cute to pass up. Thank you very much Country Living magazine (which I do get) for turning me on to it back in February and making me wait a whole MONTH before I could get my hands on it. But for just $12.99 it was too good a price to pass up.

OK, I could probably find pink and green things all day long, and maybe I’ll come back later today and do just that. But for now it’s back to writing about Obama’s HORRIBLE judicial nominees. Check out the Debunking Dems link below my header to head on over to GOP.com to see the posts.

Summer Date Night

Monday’s date night on the Georgetown Waterfron
Until next time.

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Le sigh


I don’t really know where to begin– so MUCH is going in my life right now. To say the least I’m extremely overwhelmed. Sometimes I just wish I could get away from it all, but that just doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen anytime soon. And it’s crazy because I LOVE every last thing that I do, yet at the same time it’s just starting to get to me.

One of my friends keeps telling me I should just cut something out of my life, but I don’t know what to pick. Everything’s so important to me and I know that I CAN do it all, I just don’t know how long I can do it all.

I wrote the aforementioned statements on February 23rd and saved the post as a draft. Namely because I’m not so fond of admitting being overwhelmed. And to make matters even more complicated, I’ve recently taken on MORE, instead of cutting back to less. It’s funny how we do that to ourselves sometimes. Despite knowing that our plate already over-floweth, we agree to attempt the impossible for one reason or another.

My list of activities/commitments:
- Nation’s Capital Alumnae Chapter of Kappa Delta: President
- Junior League of Washington
- Alexandria Young Republicans: Chair
- Young Republicans: VA National Committeewoman
- Alpha Rho chapter of Kappa Delta Public Relations adviser
- Rachael’s Women’s Center: Community Liaison
- Contributing writer to several publications
- TV review writer (to which major newspaper is the question. If you know, keep the anonymity for me!)

And that’s just the stuff I have leadership positions with. It’s not even taking into account all the smaller things I’m part of. More than one of those require full-time job-esque time commitments, nonetheless I’m juggling them all.

My goal here isn’t to make you think, Oh wow, she does a lot. It’s really just to give me a moment to catch my breath and maybe whine a little too. Le sigh…

For now I shall continue with things as I have been and if things don’t start easing up, or if I don’t adjust to this fast and furious pace, I’ll re-prioritize my life. Because I refuse to do anything half-assed.

Sunny Sunday
My church outfit yesterday.

Until next time.

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Words have meaning. Names have power.

I was just checking out my blogger dashboard (heading over to the always great Prepublican blog) and I noticed that my blog that I’ve not done anything with, has followers. The blog was created when I was questioning the name “DC GOP Girl” — right before I turned 27 back in February and right after someone pointed out “NYGOPGirl” on twitter to me… needless to say the age made me wonder how long I’d consider “girl” appropriate and someone else having a similar name to mine, wasn’t my favorite.

I created Politics and Pearls. Mostly because it’s not so alienating as calling it something Republican, but it’s often what people tell me my two favorite things are (Lilly excluded, of course) — politics and pearls. So now part of me is wondering do I want to stay with a blog that one day I’ll be over the name. I mean “DC GOP Lady” just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it… I’m not sure.

The beauty of blogger is, that I can just change the name of this blog address whenever I’d like to one of the other blogs and all my posts stay here… yeah, you know life’s throwing you a bunch of curve balls when you can sit here and babble about blog names for 10minutes…

Until next time.
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Blog Make-Over


DC GOP Girl has officially been made-over. Sure you’ll probably see a few more tweaks in the week ahead, but with the coming of Summer I was ready for a new look. And what better to fit my sailing lifestyle than a nautical theme? Nothing too over the top, but something simple. I still want to bring in either a gold or a green color, so I can have 4 colors instead of 3, I just have yet to work it out. Beyond that, I’m still not 100% set on my header, so that may change. I’ve been sketching headers for others lately that I like, but I’ve yet to do anything for myself that “works.”

What do you think? Any suggestions?

Blog redesigning aside…. I’m off to shop with my dear friend Stephanie today. We’ll be hitting the fabulous Leesburg Outlets in pursuit of a Gold Cup dress for her, seeing as how it’s just 1 week away. I on the other hand, already have my dress picked out. Which is surprisng, because normally I’m the one making last minute decisions. But alas, I found a dress I loved weeks ago and decided firmly on it then.

This will be my first official horse-race where I’ll not be donning a Lilly frock. While this makes my stomach somersault, I decided I wanted something more unique this year (besides, there are plenty of other shindigs to deck out in my favorite pink and greens dresses) and I just wanted to try something else.

Of course if we drop into Persnickety Palm tomorrow, I’m sure I could persuade myself otherwise, but I’m trying my best to stick by my decision. Now if only I could find the “perfect” hat to pair with my dress. I have something that I “like” it’s just not the best of the best. Too bad the hat I want is in S. Korea and can’t get here in time. Why oh why did I wait so long in ordering it? Bad decision on my part.

Well now that it’s nearly 5 a.m. (yes my sleeping is all askew thanks to the migraines woes of this past week — more of that tomorrow/Sunday), I’m hitting the hay for 3.5hrs before the excursion begins!

VA Gold Cup 2009: My Outfit
Last year’s Gold Cup style

Catch you later this weekend.

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If you’re seeing this post, then that means you’re catching DC GOP Girl in the midst of a mega redesign. So feel free to browse the blog as usual, but pardon the mess!

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