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Pink & Green Thursday: Closet Edition – Part 1


When the lovely Trish over at Pink Preppy Lilly Lover created Pink & Green Thursday, it was an instant favorite of mine. Now that I’m regularly participating it’s become one of my favorite weekly posts.

Today, in deciding what to do for Pink and Green Thursday today, I thought it’d be fun to go around my house and take pics of my pink and green items. I quickly realized I had far too much for just one post, so I decided to start in my closet. This is part one of what I’m sure will take me a few weeks to complete.

This set includes only items with both pink AND green in them. I had to come up with something to narrow down how I was picking things initially and that seemed like a good enough way to start. 

Some Lilly faves – Jubilee dress I wore to Gold Cup last year and the Divine Patch Ribbon dress.
More Lilly. Please excuse the tag still on the dress. It’s a problem you often find in my closet… Can’t remember what the first one’s called, but the second is the Dexter dress.
Even more Lilly. I must really like the lime pattern, because I have the same print in a skirt as well. The ONLY Lilly print I have in two things.
Brooks Brothers skirt and one of my fav Jubilee Lilly dresses that I’ve yet to actually wear…
Nine West dress that I was going to wear to Gold Cup, but didn’t…
and one of my fav skirts from college. From some place random.
J Crew sailboat dress – loves it. So obsessed with sailing.
And a dress from David’s Bridal. It was a bridesmaid outfit before the bride CHANGED the dress on us, so I’ve yet to actually wear it.
Love this Lilly Livie dress. Have only gotten around to wearing it once. Kinda forgot I had it.
Until next time.

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Video Killed the Radio Star


On Tuesday night I tuned into the final season of The Hills Monday and after that The City, and I must say as awful as this TV is in terms of quality, it’s wonderful in terms of entertainment. I loved BOTH shows! And you’re thinking, well of course you did. Nonetheless, the fact remains — I was thoroughly engrossed for the better part of an hour (thank you DVR for keeping it under an hour). My Tuesday nights at home won’t be quite the same when The Hills goes off air in a few weeks.

Speaking of The City, Whitney did a commercial for the Zeno Hot Spot during the show. This was interesting to me, because I just bought a bigger version of the Zeno at CVS this past weekend — thank you 85% sale. It’s wonderful when you see $100+ price-tag and get it for less than $20. So good.

That said, I tried it tonight for the first time. It seems like it worked. We’ll have to see tomorrow to know for sure. That being said, I rarely get blemishes (oh how a southern lady knows better than to use the icky word “zit”), but when I do I feel as though they’re SO prominent, on my otherwise clear skin. Hopefully this new tool will help them to go away at an extra-quick pace. I’ll let you know!

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Tales of Home-Cooking – Part 1


Needless to say cooking isn’t my forté. But since I’m spending my time at home looking for a new job, I’ve decided I may as well learn how to cook a few things since mac & cheese shouldn’t be one’s top dish. (I’m talking about the box kind. Yeah, my cooking skills are that bad.)

So while it may seem more like a punishment than a lesson to me, I’ve begun cooking all my meals. From scratch. For the most part.

May I present to you my Homemade Vegetable Potstickers!

Surprisingly easy to make, potstickers of all varieties have long-been a favorite of mine. After seeing them made from scratch at my favorite, local international-market I decided to take them on myself. I’ve now successfully made them twice. Once with veggies and the other time with sweet potatoes (learned about that at my fav Thai restaurant). Mmmm!

Hummus! OK so I actually learned how to make this in the Spring after attending a Lebanese cooking class with Silver. I’ve continue with it because 1) hummus in stores costs WAY more than it actually costs to make. 2) It’s probably the easiest thing in the world to make b/c you just blend it up and you’re done. 3) Store-bought hummus is filled with preservatives and crap that shouldn’t be in hummus. It makes it exponentially less taste-y too. And finally 4) at home I can make different hummus flavors easily and it’s fun to experiment!

Step one, put all of he ingredients in the food processor


Step two, look at your beautiful homemade hummus and eat!

OK enough cooking talk for now.

National Wear Lilly Day

Yesterday was National Wear Lilly Day. How fun is that!? In honor of this day, I shied away from my standard Lilly frocks and went with one of my favorite Lilly tunics from last season with my favorite white pants (Lilly too, of course). Since I’m not working right now, I decided casual was the way to go. So as I paraded around town shopping all day (I know, shopping doesn’t make sense for the unemployed), I had a ball knowing that fellow Lilly-lovers across the country were donning their favorite fruit-stand inspired pieces as well.

Back to the grind of applying for jobs…
Until next time.
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Where moonlight drifts into your eyes

It hit me today — I’m officially tired of being unemployed. I was rather enjoying it up until this point, seeing as how I was beyond words exhausted. Sleeping in, staying up til 5a.m. (oh wait, I did that even with a job), doing whatever I want, when I want… But now, the lack of a schedule and a purpose has gotten to me. I’m not sure if this means I’ll accept one of the jobs I previously deemed “not for me” or not, but it definitely means something. The fact that it’s 3:30 a.m. and I’m still applying to jobs, writing samples, etc. is evidence of that.

When making sure I was putting up the correct lyrics for tonight’s blog title, I realized something else I had not previously known — Dierks Bentley is hot. Check him out.

I swoon.

Those looks coupled with his amazing voice… well there’s no wondering why he’s married with kids. As much as I say I want a Republican politico-type, I could surely go for singing country boy.

Of course today is Pink and Green Thursday 

In honor of  it I decided to take all of the pink and green items I own and have on Polyvore and make a collage. Voila. And before I started to make a stupid star shape, this was going to be my cop-out at P&G Thursday because I didn’t want to take the time and look for items. Randomly. Instead, I just spent the last 45minutes doing this. Craziness.

Pink & Green Thursday

And I’ll leave you with a video of the Dirks Bentley song that inspired me to write tonight:

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Walking Billboards


In between looking for a new job I’ve been catching up on all of my favorite blogs.

In this time I’ve noticed that a LOT of women that I really have come to love in the blogosphere break my cardinal rule of fashion: Thou shalt not be a walking billboard.

Meaning, if you’re going to wear a designer, don’t wear gear with their name plastered overtly all over the place unless they’re paying YOU to wear the garb. I’m mean, we get it, you can afford branded clothing. But no matter how expensive the items are, having BIG logos of clothing companies splattered on your chest just makes you look like a walking billboard.

Exceptions (acceptable branding iconography): Brooks Brothers’ golden fleece, Ralph Lauren’s tiny pony, Tory Burch’s symbol, among MANY others. Heck, even the hidden “Lilly” in all Lilly P outfits are OK, but the wham, bam, in your face stuff — SO NOT CUTE.

This is why I’ve stayed away from a number of, what otherwise could be considered, cute outfits. Take for example:

Overt Branding

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about a signature style and being able to recognize a designer’s collection right when you see it. I just don’t want to see their name plastered all over you — in letters that you can see for a mile or with iconography that’s way too in your face.

Which brings me to my point — how does this style appeal to anyone? There are SO many others better things to go with… like these looks sans logo.

Just something to think about.
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*Sorry if I offend any of my readers out there. I know these looks must appeal to someone, just not me.

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