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Get Excited Ya’ll – Say Yes to Atlanta


Say Yes to the Dress has found itself in Atlanta and I’ve found myself falling for this new location. From southern traditions to southern drawls, Atlanta’s SYTTD has it all!

The new shop? Bridals by Lori, an Atlanta institution that services nearly 10,000 brides a year!

We all know that I don’t always cling-strong to my southern roots, but the southern belles that I watched last night were simply amazing and it made me proud to be a southern lady. I mean Haley was a hoot (yes, they used hoot last night so I’m using it today.) and Leah’s storyline about her grandfather was a total tearjerker.

Besides, how can I not like a show when the staff of the bridal atelier says that they’re going to “jack up” the bride when they dress her up in veil/jewelry/make-up/etc. I mean try that line in a city north of the Mason Dixon and they’d think you mean something else altogether.

So while most spin-offs don’t work for me, this one does. Sure I’ll always love my NY SYTTD dream team, but If you think Kleinfelds is home to the most demanding brides you’ve ever seen, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Check out the sneak-peak of the show below and my favorite bride-to-be of the nigh, eorgia-Peach: Haley)

* Figured out how to embed the Youtube player with my blog colors. Fancy, huh?
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Blog Rolled On Out

Darn it blogger! My blog rolls disappeared. Completely. I thought it was a technical glitch, but sure enough they’re gone. But I guess it gives me an opportunity to add new people to the sidebar (which is the main place I go to see who to read).

So, if you’re not on the blog roll already and would like to be, please let me know. I think I’m going to ultimately make put blogs into categories… but I’m too much of a slacker to do that right now while I’m mad.

Additionally, I’ve added some new reader trackers over to the right that are pretty fun. Not only can I see who’s coming around here, it always prompts me to go to your blog! So be sure to sign up with ONE of them so that you show up from time to time (lots of bloggers use them, so don’t be surprised if you see them on other blogs as well).

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Pink & Green Thursday: Interview Edition


Happy Pink and Green Thursday! Not sure what P&G Thursday is, well it’s a time to celebrate the fabulousness of pink and green, and is a brilliant creation by the fantastic Trish over at Pink Preppy Lilly Lover.

Bye bye suit

Today I met with a company (for the first time) that I’ll be working with in the new media/editorial field through November’s elections. Since we’re in the dog days of summer I made a daring (in DC that is) move – I opted for a business appropriate little black dress and ditched the standard suit. I was just too hot to want to put on a suit today. That and I’m VERY against spending money on dry-cleaning while I don’t have a “real” full time job right now.

But the outfit actually REALLY worked. Not only did I receive compliments all day as I hung out around Georgetown after the meeting (the torrential downpour/monsoon we briefly experienced was enough reason not to head directly back to the car), but I also felt MUCH more comfortable and much more ME in the meeting. Both things which translate well in business.

Pink Business Wear

If you’re like me a touch of pink in an outfit just makes you feel good. In DC however, you have to be careful when and wear to be bold in your wardrobe choices. Above, are accessory/wardrobe examples of how you can incorporate pink into your ensemble when going on an interview here in the District. Styled with pieces from my wardrobe.

Green Business Wear

Here, are green pieces from my wardrobe (EXPONENTIALLY more difficult to pull this set together) of green items to wear in an interview. If it was pink AND green Thursday, I surely would have quit on this set before coming up with enough pieces. Turns out most of my green stuff isn’t interview-appropriate. :P

Be sure to check here on Sunday where I’ll begin the first ever DC GOP Girl giveaway!

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The Versatile Blogger


The divine A Note On the Screen Door just gave me the following award! Why thank you!


* Share 7 things about yourself.
* Tag 15 blogs with the award.

Number 1

I hate captchas. I honest-to-God hope my blog doesn’t have one anymore (I turned it off as soon as I heard it was there). They annoy the heck out of me. I’ve started to learn to sit on a page to allow it to refresh and make sure one doesn’t come up before leaving, but so often I lose my posts by seeing it right as I’m shutting a page. If you’re going to have one, please have the one that’s there from the beginning, and doesn’t show up after you press submit.

Also in this category, blogs with texts on their backgrounds that you can’t read. And blogs who’s html tables cut off their images/text. Just re-size your body OR your tables. Don’t leave things unreadable! Need help, just ask.

2 Cats

I’m a total cat person – an orange cat person in particular.. I don’t very much like dogs at all.
3 Kappa Delta
I love my sorority Kappa Delta like no other. AOT ladies!
4 Pearls

If it’s not a pearl, I’m not wearing it. For almost 10 years I’ve worn nothing but pearls. My rule is that if it incorporates a pearl, it’s good to go, otherwise it’s not for me. It’s perfect that my sorority’s jewel is a pearl.
5 Lilly
It’s by no means a secret that I’m a Lilly Pulitzer fanatic. The colors, the prints — everything makes me smile.
*All Lilly featured lives in my personal collection.
6 Sailing

Sailing. My number one hobby. I go as often as possible. Generally 4-5 times a week, but sometimes life gets in the way and I go less. Either way, there’s nothing like sailing to put my mind at ease and make me feel a little more connected to the world. If you’ve never been, I highly suggest that you put it on your summertime to-do list and make it happen sooner than later!

7 New Media
I’m a social media junkie. It’s no wonder that I’ve somehow taken my political/communications career down the path of social/new media. Not only do I love doing it all, I produce results like none other. From coding to messaging, it just makes sense to me. *It took way too long to make this Polyvore trying to think of all the social media sites I go to and then clipping their images. Neurotic much?

Now for the 15 blogs I want to tag…
*I know I’ve left some of my very versatile, great blogger friends off the list (I could only go to 15!), but do know that I truly consider these bloggers versatile — never just blogging about one thing and one thing only. If you don’t already follow them, I highly suggest that you check them out!

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I’m an only child. Actually, I have a stepbrother but he never lived with my family and was 5 years older, so my family and I still view me as an only child.

I had an older sister through Kappa Delta, Vanessa. That was an experience. I guess she’ll technically always have that title, but I don’t think she claims it anymore or wants it, so maybe it really isn’t there. It’s funny because she’s the one person from my college life I thought would be forever, but she wasn’t. And what’s weird is she stuck with me when I was a mess. When everything was oh so wrong (out of school with an eating disorder), but since my life has really been amazingly together she’s nowhere to be found. It’s weird though because she really deserves a lot of credit for all of the good things that I have become. Not that I’m perfect by any means, but she’s amazing and I think a little of that rubbed off on me at some point.

Me & my best pledge-sister April (fall 2006)

Anyway, on the flip side I have 3 amazing Lil Sisters through KD. One technically isn’t in KD anymore, Stephanie, but she’s my “Forever Lil.” And while we don’t talk nearly as much as I’d like to, I still love her beyond words. I’m actually going to be seeing her coming up when I head home to the beach for a much needed visit.

My 2nd Lil, Mary Beth, is my heart. We even lived together for a while in college, which had it’s good moments, but let’s just say we’re much better not under the same roof. She amazes me continuously though and so she makes my heart soften. She keeps me appreciating the small things in life and for that I’m seriously indebted to her. And it’s funny because I used to try and change her (not in a mean way), because I’m ribbons and pearls girly and I wanted her to be the way too. Needless to say MB is NOT a ribbon girl, nevertheless she always donned them for family photos for me. Gah. Little did I know I’d be looking back on those times wishing instead I paid more attention to her carefree philosophy and just did what the hell ever. I mean, I guess that’s what I did, but I guess I should have been okay with other people doing the same for themselves. I mean, that only makes sense, right?

Me & my best sister, rommate
and partner in crime, Courtney (fall 2005)

My 3rd Lil is Paige. She’s one that kind of got away. I know that sounds silly in talking about a sorority Lil Sister, but I’ve previously mentioned I was out of school a 2nd time for my eating disorder and so I really missed out getting to know her. To this day I feel bad about that. I wasn’t around in spring 2005 to actually BE her Big. She was always a riot though. One of the life-forces of the chapter. And it turns out only her branch of the family tree has continued on.

So yeah, I may not have a close sisterhood by blood, I definitely have one of the most amazing families by heart, despite its random disconnects. It’s amazing to really stop and think about the people who’ve come through our lives and really changed us. And let’s just say these four girls have made quite an impression on me and I can only hope that I’ve done at least someone else in this world the same level of service.

*All of this came from 1) gearing up to respond to my post from a month ago. I can’t believe it’s been a month, but it’s taking me that long to want to respond. 2) explaining to mother today how my sorority made me a better woman. Of course I didn’t go into this detail, but until we spoke she was scared about letting her daughter go through Recruitment this fall.

Until next time.
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