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Color Wars. Jersey Shore. You’re Invited.

Color Wars
About two weeks my friend celebrated his birthday field-day style. It was by far the best birthday I’ve ever celebrated. His fantastic girlfriend (whom I adore) brought an event called Color Wars from her sorority to DC.
To simplify, there were 8 groups of 12 each assigned a different color. Each group participated in 6 competitions all focused around drinking. No, that wouldn’t exactly make the mom proud, but it was a fantastic day full of rain, good after-parties and great friends.

{the main event – tug-o-war}
{getting iced – brutal}
{the whole group}
{ kind of says it all}
Of course this was also the night that I got TERRIBLY lost trying to make it back to my friend’s place in Georgetown from Dupont. I walked for hours after my cell phone died because no cabs were passing me by. It was miserable.
Of course I thought taking pictures and checking in on 4square (before the phone died) would be a good idea to help me re-trace my path the next day…
And I finished up at the Zoo. No freaking idea how. Absolutely bananas.
Needless to say it was a crazy, amazing day with friends. But there’s one thing I will NEVER do again – get lost in Jack Rogers. Worst shoes for walking miles upon miles ever.
Jersey Shore
The next week we threw a Jersey Shore themed party to raise money for the Gulf oil spill. 
You can’t really tell my hair was big in the picture because I was taller than everyone else AND because it was hot, hot, hot that night so it went flat SO fast. I felt like a hooker leaving my apartment, but I bet by the end of the night you could hardly tell I was caked in bronzer so much of it sweat off.
Didn’t really go for the bra showing like most my friends, but I did go sans pearls for the first time since 2001. Seriously, that was a big deal for me. And it must’ve made me more approachable or something, but guys talked to me ALL night. Craziness.
You’re Invited
If you’re in or around the DC area, please consider this my personal invitation to you.
My friends Stephanie and I put together this event as part of the Blondes vs Brunettes organization to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. You can see the Facebook event here.
If you’re not in the DC area, please consider making a $5 donation to Alzheimer’s anyway. It would GREATLY help me reach my goal AND it’s going to a great cause.
And in case you missed it, be sure to enter my current giveaway!

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Oh yeah, tweaked a few things on the blog’s appearance. Have an AWESOME new banner for when BvB is over. Very DC-esque.

Lacking proper etiquette


Never in a million years would I have thought that I’d be saying that I’m lacking proper etiquette, but alas I am. Not in can you take me to a formal dinner? sense, but rather in the realm of following through on things.

Like sending thank you notes. I’ve written them, but in my joblessness I’ve failed to actually mail them. Rest assured I’ve gotten ones out to potential employers, I’ve just done a terrible job of getting ones to my friends. It’s very un-me like.
Also in the realm of thank-you notes, I’ve yet to say a great BIG thank you to Trish for guest-blogging for me last weekend while I was away. Her post was so beautiful and I absolutely loved it, and yet this is the first time I’m mentioning it here.
How I’ve allowed time to get away from me this summer, I’ll never know. 
Can being unemployed make you busier than being employed? It sure feels that way. Maybe it’s because structure is missing from my life right now, despite the fact that I’m trying to live by a schedule. Maybe it’s because networking, finding open positions and tailoring cover letters really takes up an insane amount of time. Who knows. All I know is that I need to improve on my follow-through post-haste!
Since proper manners are a very important part of scoring a future husband, I have the perfect giveaway to accompany my problems… 

Mating Rituals of the North American WASP 

As an AVID reader I’m excited to change things up and be giving away a fantastic book! This is SUCH a fun a book to read and is the perfect fix for a bad day or a few hours of escapism.

Laura Lipton, the author, is graciously signing a copy for the winner!
To enter:
1) Follow the DC GOP Girl blog (1 entry)
2) Tweet about this giveaway. Must inclue “@DCGOPGirl” (1 entry)
3) Blog about this giveaway (2 entries)
Be sure to post a comment letting me know how many entries you have.
Giveaway ends: Midnight, Sunday September 5th. Winner will be announced Labor Day!
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Having grown up with a silver spoon in my mouth, I’ve been privileged enough to not really want for anything. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked hard for a LOT of things, but I’ve always been well-provided for.

When my parents cut me off in college and when I CHOSE to stay cut off after they offered to care for me once more that game changed. I learned to be self-reliant. I stopped taking handouts. Even gas money for trips home to NC (maybe that’s why I only go 2x a year). Even shopping excursions with my mom — if I couldn’t pay for myself, I didn’t want to go. It taught me a new level of responsibility and I was proud of myself for cutting the purse-strings that far too many of my friends still heavily rely on.

A few weeks back when my parents did the unthinkable — offer to buy me a new Mac computer I gave in to their generosity for the first time in over 7 years. It’s not that they’ve not been willing to help me sooner, I’ve just not been willing to take their money and revert back to the “I’m a dependent” system. And come on, a 27″ iMac, how could I resist? Especially since I really did need a new computer.
Now, I’m faced with unemployment once more. Another candidate’s loss is my wallet’s loss. Politics is tough. In complaining to my father, he mentions that they’ll (my parents) will help me out if things get tough. Having used up almost every dime to my name this year I’ve got about a month left before I have to consider moving, or something. I’ll most definitely become a waitress before that happens, but how did employment become this difficult?
It’s partially my fault. Hell, maybe all of it. I’ve not applied for jobs in over 2months. I’ve been happy working with the clients that I had. Giving myself fully to my campaigns. That was stupid. In hind-sight anyway. I had 1/2 a dozen other potential clients that have sought me out and yet they’re just sitting there waiting. The campaigns doing this are failing to realize what they’re missing out in the new media sphere. That and I’ve ALWAYS made back my own salary and then some, so logic says hire me.
OK, enough complaining. I know 9.something% of the whole country is in this situation as well. It’s just frustrating the hell out of me and since it’s me, it matters to me more. How’s that for honesty?

On to happier topic. Computer desktops. I like to change mine. A lot. And while I like to draw detailed designs on my tablet when creating blog/web site graphics for myself and others I much prefer simple, preppy OR Lilly desktop backgrounds.

This is what I had up when my blog had the sailboat theme, right before I switched to raising money for Alzheimer’s. Nothing too fancy, but fun and preppy. Perfect for summer. I like it!
Wallpaper_Pink Stripes Anchor
Right now, this is what I have up. Not gonna lie, I totally stole my dear College Prep‘s idea here because I wanted a fun summery Lilly background before fall hit. I had up her Koi background before this (totally fabulous), but I just wanted something lighter while it still feels seasonally appropriate.
Wallpaper_Lilly Pulitzer_Sandburg quote
Which begs the question: Should computer desktops even be subjected to seasonal fashion rules? Or should every day be worthy of an oasis?
What do you think?

Winners of the PiedraStudio Giveaway


And we have our winners! Congratulations to…

Janice at Lilly of the Beech! I hate to say it, but until Janice entered this giveaway, I’d never stumbled across her blog. Thankfully she did enter, because she’s a fellow Lilly lover (obviously) and southerner. Gotta love giveaways for helping bring new bloggers my way!

These stunning Cornflower/ Gold vermeil filigree earrings with chalcedony are all yours Janice!

And another big congrats to Emmy Lou over at Tales of An All-American Girl. Not only does she have an awesome blog, but she’s one of my favorite people on Twitter. Yay! 

These gorgeous Dusk/ Golden freshwater pearl earrings with blue chalcedony are all yours!

Please email dcgopgil {at} gmail {dot} com to claim your winnings!

Thank you to everyone else who entered, I know a bunch of you wanted to win, but the good news is another giveaway is starting SUNDAY so be sure to check back!

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Happy Weekend! Guest Post by Trish

Hi everyone!  I’m Trish, from Pink Preppy Lilly Lover.  Elizabeth took off for the weekend, and asked me to jump in on her behalf.  I hope this finds you enjoying the end of a lovely weekend.  
Elizabeth and I have been blog friends for quite some time now, and I have long-admired her passion and enthusiasm for all she does in life.  I had the pleasure of meeting her this summer at Melanie and Bethany‘s “Cupcakes and Champagne” party in D.C., and she is a real life sweetheart.
You probably can sense that Elizabeth is a go-getter, a mover and a shaker, and someone who can accomplish anything once she sets her mind to it.  Something that you ought know about her too, she is a beautiful person, inside and out, and has a tremendous sense of heart behind all she puts her efforts into. 
Elizabeth’s the Queen of Polyvore, and since I can’t seem to even come close to holding a candle to her beautiful work, I’ll stick to what I do best – Lilly Pulitzer and gorgeous photos.  Here’s my little tribute to Elizabeth below!
Wonder if she’s picked up this Lilly Murfee scarf in the Kappa Delta print?
A warm summer breeze in her hair, and enjoying those hazy Washington summer nights…
Sand in her toes and as much sailing as she can…
A martini or two shared with friends…
Lilly and cupcakes brought us together!
Sailing and summer go hand in hand…
Pink and Green…they aren’t just colors, it’s a way of life!
Wishing you all a few more warm summer nights,
to sit outside and enjoy with those you love the most!
Feel free to visit me anytime here,
and please feel free to join us each week for Pink & Green Thursday!
Elizabeth, hope you had a fun and fabulous weekend away, thanks for asking me to guest post for you.  It’s been a blast!   xoxo
With love,
(Images via)

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