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I’m overwhelmed with life right now. In all aspects, so pardon me for not responding to emails/tweets/gchat messages/comments/phone calls… I’m working on pulling myself together but it’s taking so much effort just to get by at the moment. *sigh* I reiterate, 2010 is NOT such a good year.

Update on Anthony: Since my last post, he arrived at Andrews AFB Sunday night and was taken over to Walter Reed, where he’ll be for the foreseeable future. Shauna (my cousin and his wife) and my Uncle Billy are there with him.

Monday was a long day filled with extensive surgeries. That’s going to be the routine for a while. During this time they were bringing him in and out of sedation to test neurological functions. He starting breathing 40% on his own. By the end of the day he was taken off sedation and is now just on pain meds.

Yesterday, was filled with more surgeries to cleanse and repair his many wounds. He’s still fighting for his life at this point, and the doctor’s are doing everything they possibly can for him.

Prayers are VERY much still needed. And VERY much appreciated by my whole family.

Life: This whole situation is crazy… I mean for all of the obvious reasons, but also because it’s made me fall to my knees and ask God for help. I can’t remember the last time where I’ve really relied on God like this. My faith used to be SUCH an important part of my life, but over the years it’s taken a back-burner to every other thing imaginable. This happened for a reason, but I’ve never managed to get things back into perspective.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried. Heck, I’ve desperately tried to find a good church up here, but I’ve had no luck. There were a few places that I kind of liked, but in the end they just didn’t work out. Now I want to find a good church home more than ever, I just don’t know where I start. I don’t want the uber-formal liturgical style church. I want a church home with other young professionals. Some place that has a contemporary service. And preferably Baptist, but I’m not beholden to that.

I guess my standards are set high, because my parents have SUCH an amazing church in NC.

Praying that this too works out… that I find a church home SOONER rather than later.

Job front: I’m so ready for a job right now too. I feel so selfish thinking about this whilst everything else is happening in my life, but I feel as though I’ve lost a sense of purpose this summer. I know I’m one of the best new media/political messaging people around (sorry if I’m not being humble, but I work my butt off), and I’m having THE hardest time. When I had a job, EVERYONE wanted to poach me from it and hire me. Now that I’m looking for a job, there are none to be found and “everyone” seems to have already hired someone else.

I’m beginning to think I need a new field. A new town. A new purpose. Heck, any purpose right about now would be good.

I’m just so over everything.

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God Bless Our Troops


I’m the daughter of an active duty Navy dentist. The reality of what war is and what it can do has always been something I’d “understood.” But the “real” sacrifices people make has never hit home to me the way it is right now.

I still fully support fighting Terrorists. Going against the bad in this world and protecting this amazing country we call home, but man, does this prove that freedom comes at a costly, costly price.

Some background info and an update of what’s happening with Anthony (if you’re completely out of the loop, read this first):

Anthony’s wife is my cousin, Shauna. She and I grew up together in NC. We lived 2blocks apart, graduated from high school together in 2001 and that fall, both went off to ECU together. Back in those days our relationship was competitive and tumultuous, but over the years we’ve come to depend on one another and become great friends.

After college, Shauna moved to Farmville, VA where her parents were living and became the cheerleading coach at Longwood University. Through her time in Farmville, she met Anthony and they were married on Valentine’s Day of 2009. Anthony is a former Marine and joined the Army soon after their marriage. Shauna and he love the Army life. Anthony has a son, Cameron, from a previous marriage, who is living with his mother in VA and is 8.  Please pray for him as well.

Anthony deployed from Ft. Campbell, KY with the 101st Airborne Division as an infantry unit. Late Tuesday there was explosion near the camp in Afghanistan. His group pulled themselves together to go and check out what was happening in this recently evacuated Taliban building.

After fully inspecting the building and steps away from telling his commanding officer that the building was cleared of the 4 bombs they found, Anthony stepped on an IED with his right foot. His fellow unit-men around him were injured, but none nearly as severely as Anthony.

In fact the men there with them all have wives back at Ft. Campbell and have told Shauna it’s a miracle Anthony survived.

As I mentioned yesterday, he’s lost both of his legs and his right arm (on the side of the IED) is in really bad shape. Once stable enough to travel he was transported from Bagram to Kandahar. There he was in surgery yesterday for many, many hours to stabilize him, remove shrapnell, etc. By the grace of God and thanks to prayers from people all across the country (thank you blog and Twitter friends), he pulled through and was transported this evening to the base in Lundstuhl, Germany.

There’s no news to report from here. God-willing everything go well in Germany, Shauna’s working on getting him sent back Walter Reed. Which being right now the road from me, gives me an unique opportunity to be there for my cousin during this trying time.

What’s really ironic is what Anthony posted on Facebook just last week:

Just wanted to thank everyone for your prayers and packages. Should be home with in the next 9 months or so. Hope everyone is doing good. I hope that everyone know that freedom is not cheap, its paid for by the blood, sanity, and sacrafices of others. I love you baby hope to be home soon safely. You are doing a great job and I am proud of you!

September 13 at 4:30am 

God Bless Our Troops

Pictures of Shauna, Anthony and their family:

Shauna and Anthony before they were married.
Valentine’s Day 2009 – Wedding Day
Cameron, Anthony and Shauna – such a cute little family
Anthony and Cameron – Army Proud
Anthony, Shauna and Scarlett still in the hospital from Scarlett’s birth, just a week before Anthony was deployed.
Baby Scarlett – isn’t she gorgeous?
Anthony sending his love to his two girls

Please continue to pray for Anthony’s recovery and Shauna’s and Cameron’s peace and comfort. And for the rest of our family.

9 a.m. update: There were no complications during the flight to Germany and Anthony remains in critical but stable condition. He is awaiting surgery and re-evaluation. We hope to know more later this afternoon.

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Urgent Prayer Request


While I know that not everyone who reads this blog is a Christian or believes in prayer, I desperately need your help now if you’re willing to stop, and take a moment to pray:

Dear Christian Friends,

Anthony, the husband of my cousin, Shauna , was severely injured by an IED last night while on an Army patrol in Afganistan. He lost one leg to the hip and the other to the knee. One hip and one arm are barely holding together. He is in semi-stable condition now awaiting evac to an AFBase Hospital in Kandahar and then once further stabilized onto Germany. His colon has also been injured and he had flat-lined twice. Shauna’s parents and sister are en route to her in TN. Anthony and Shauna have a two month old daughter, Scarlett.

I covet your prayers, for Anthony’s healing, his courage and strength, for Shauna’s comfort and peace, as well as for her parents/sisters and for all our family, for his doctor’s skill, for the healing of his injured comrades and comfort for their families.

Anthony was one of several men injured on patrol investigating Taliban activity when they were ambushed.

Again, dear friends, thank you for all your prayers.

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Oxfords & Oysters – Recap!


Saturday I had the opportunity to attend Oxfords and Oysters in Baltimore, as I mentioned in a previous post. While it was a little under an hour outside of my beloved DC, the trip was well worth it and was the perfect end to summer.

The weather was perfect. The food was delicious – I’m a beach baby, oysters are a total fave. The drinks were superb – who can say no to a good mojito? And the music was fantastic. The band, Burnt Sienna, definitely took me by surprise. Having never heard of them I had low expectations, but they were definitely a crowd pleaser and I’d book them any day of the week. And I had a great time in the company of the lovely Grove Gals and others from the preppy blogosphere/Twitter.

Beyond the basics, the VIP gift bags for the event were amazing. Way to go Sky Blue Events! *A special thank-you to Heather for inviting me to O&O.

Speaking of Sky Blue Events, their staff was beyond friendly. I absolutely loved chatting with the ladies. Looking forward to their next shindig – Tartans and Tidings – a black-tie event coming this holiday season.

Oh, and since I never pass up an opportunity to Polyvore an outfit. Here’s what I wore. Sadly, it’s the last time I think I’ll don Marcia Cross tunic this season. It was so on the verge of being not seasonally appropriate to me, but I went for it one last time nonetheless.

Oxfords & Oysters

What others wore:

Oxfords & Oysters - friend's outfits

Some pics from the event:

What was in the swag bag – awesome!
Did you know that they build oyster reefs by planting empty oyster shells? I never heard of this, but each shell makes like 10 new oysters or something crazy like that. It’s pretty much the coolest thing I’ve learned in ages.

While I wish I had taken more pics, it’s a true testament to my good time that I didn’t stop and play paparazzi all evening. But next time… I’ll work on it!

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In a yellow wood


2010 has been one hell of a ride thus far. From torn tendons to quitting a job to losing Primaries. I wouldn’t re-live ANY of the good of this year, because the trying times have just far-outweighed the good.

Which is frustrating because I know they’re not over yet. After having done new media contract work since my 1st lost election of the summer as of June 8th, I’ve not had a steady way to pay the bills. Instead, I’ve just been living on savings. My other contracts which ended a month ago this week thanks to more lost Primaries, have left me high and dry. In fact, I didn’t even get my last paycheck from one of my candidates because they’re so in debt. It’s not fair.

And then came my ignorance. I was supposed to pick up a few other contracts over the past few weeks. They were negotiated and everything, but sure enough GOP candidates are afraid to allocate ANY funds to new media. They think basic postings on Facebook and MAYBE Twitter are enough. Boy are they wrong. Not to mention, I can generally fundraise my keep in under a week. I can’t quite figure it all out, but I’ve had the worst of luck.

In waiting for these contracts, I made the JV move of NOT actually applying for other jobs. So when I finally decide, I’ve waited long enough and have started applying around my saving is down to its end. This is the price I pay for putting so much in my 401k and bonds. That and being an epic spendthrift.

Why 2010 has been chock-full of hard-learned lessons.

Recently I’ve been so frustrated in not wanting to settle for a job that’s “not for me,” that I’ve been very selective about where I’ve applied. That luxury ends today. Well tomorrow really. OK, maybe Friday. But I very well may be moving for a bit to campaign elsewhere to pay the bills. No idea. Not loving life so much right now at all. AT ALL.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
and sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveller, long I stood
and looked down one as far as I could
to where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
and having perhaps the better claim
because it was grassy and wanted wear;
though as for that, the passing there
had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
in leaves no feet had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less travelled by,
and that has made all the difference.
                                                            - Robert Frost -

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