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30 Day Wardrobe Challenge: Week 2 – Maximizing Your Closet Space


Today begins the 2nd week of the 30 Day Wardrobe Challenge. Now less than a week away from moving into the new townhouse, the importance of this Challenge amplifies — I absolutely hare to pare down all of my belongings because there’s just NO way I feel up to moving all of this stuff!

Today I’m offering a solution instead of asking for a suggestion.

How to save space in your closet?

While I love all of my clothes, they’re often a major cause for frustration in my life. Currently living in a 1BR apartment, it’s as though there’s never enough space to store everything efficiently. That is until a few months ago when I found a MAJOR solution to my problem.

Ultra-thin veltet hangers! A while back I took a picture of my mid-Summer Lilly items in my closet for the Re-Lilly Group on Facebook. My Lilly items are the only ones that appear to be less color-coordinated than the rest of my closet, none the less they actually are sorted by the most dominant color, but I digress.

Here you’re seeing 39 pieces, but look at what a small amount of space it’s taking up. About 4 months ago I realized clothes are thin, but standard hangers (even the nice ones) are overly thick! Thus, I went out and bought velvet, ultra-thin hangers. Not only to clothes cling to them — no slippage to worry about, but they take up EXPONENTIALLY less space. Which in big cities with small spaces and even smaller closets, it’s a God-send! Plus, they come in a myriad of fantastic colors, like the pink ones I have below. So cute!

Where to buy and not break the bank? Being the frugal, un-employed politico that I am, I’m always looking for a good deal. I’ve found these gorgeous, handy hangers everywhere I look, but for the best buys in town, head to…

1. Ross. You can get 18 for just $8.99. Of course sometimes these sets are sold out (I bought them all out of 2 stores up here in NoVA and had to wait for them to be replinished, but they’re 2nd most affordable option is still a steal).
—-> You can also buy a box of 100 at Ross for $39.99. This option is MUCH more difficult to find, but I’ve been seeing a LOT of it lately, now that I don’t need 100 more hangers. I’ve only seen this option coming in cream colored, hangers, but again it’s a good deal.

2. Marshalls/TJ Maxx. There you can get 18 for $12.99. So while it’s not much more than Ross, it’s still a few bucks more. But when you compare that to the $29.99 that places like Bed, Bath and Beyond charge you realize you’re getting a steal!

I’ll also note that Marshalls/TJ Maxx has much more fashionable colors than Ross. Generally speaking, but at the end of the day the colors are primarily covered up, so I guess it shouldn’t matter all that much. That said, I only bought the bright pink and lime green ones for a while, so who am I to talk.

What to do for pants? These same style hangers also come with pants racks (I don’t know what the heck they’re actually called). While I can’t find the exact style I have, I have sets with bars that swing out for easy access to the pants, and then swing and lock back into place. They’re SO helpful!

Here’s kind of what it looks like.

So if you have the budget to re-do your closet, or maybe even just a portion of it, I HIGHLY suggest investing in these hangers and creating a closet makeover for yourself.

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Favorite Annual Sale Event in DC!


Omigosh I was wrong when I said that I missed working. I don’t. I mean, I do when it comes to meaningful work that I’m passionate about, but not this crap I’m doing right now. Geez louise it makes the time go by SO slowly. I don’t remember the time ever moving this slowly whilst working at the RNC or anywhere else for that matter. OK, sometimes at the lobbying firm, but that was mostly during recess when the DC world was dead and there was really no point for me to be working anyway.

Working Girl
Today’s outfit

I honestly can’t wait for a “real” job again. But I’ve complained about that more enough this year, so I’ll stop myself. At least for today. On to a  more exciting topic!
For those of you who read my blog last year, you may remember that I’m crazy about the annual coming of The Pearl Lady to DC. In fact it’s my favorite sale the city has to offer. I mean it’s only once a year AND it involves pearls. Having received her email earlier this week with the announcement of her 2010, I’m happy to share the details with all of my DC GOP Girl readers.

Just in time for your holiday shopping, the Pearl Lady is coming from China. She sells pearl jewelry, bracelets and much more for FANTASTIC Beijing shop prices.

Same Location as last year: 446 New Jersey Ave., SE

Thursday, November 11, noon to 6 p.m.
Friday, November 12, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday, November 13, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday, November 14, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Monday, November 15, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Tuesday, November 16, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

And because I’ve been asked in the comments: Cash or American Express, Visa and MasterCard only.
Photo ID, business card, and e-mail address required for credit card sales. (*edited to include)

So if you’re in the DC area be sure to check it out. In the 3 years, I’ve yet to go home disappointed.

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DC DAR’s Butterfly Bazaar


I can’t believe I’ve not posted about this sooner, but tomorrow’s the DC chapter of the Daughter’s of the American Revolution’s Butterfly Bazaar.

So aside from the fact I’m the most inactive DAR member in the world (I’ve not even taken the time to affiliate with the DC chapter, but they contact me from time to time… *sigh*)… if you’ve read my blog this past month you know some of the struggles my family’s been going through when my cousin’s husband was in a tragic accident in Afghanistan. That coupled with being the daughter of an active-duty Navy dentist makes this cause extra worthwhile because it supports our troops and veterans!

The details…

When: Thursday, 21 October 2010 from 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Where: City Tavern Club of Georgetown: 3206 M St., NW
Donation: $10 donation at the door will support local membersf of the military and verterans
Details: The event includes a cash bar, silent auction and shopping for preppy apparel and accessories, jewelry, ceramics, pillows, knitted scarves and hats.

So if you’re not the go out on a Thursday night type, make this your stop before heading home. Or if you’re like me and Thursday night is your best night of the week to go out, use this as your first stop in the evening to get the night started.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Bloomingdale’s for a Cause


Today I’ll be volunteering at Bloomingdale’s in Tyson’s Corner to help out the Jr League of Washington. They’re doing a fabulous charity day, where patrons can buy $10 tickets to support charity and receive coupons good for 15-20% almost all merchandise. And come on, it’s Bloomindale’s that’s a darn good deal for $10. Plus you shop with the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping others. Win-win.

This fab event is going on all day today AND tomorrow at – Mazza Galleria  - Tyson’s Corner – White Flint – Bloomindale’s locations.

Since I’ve not had a reason to dress up in ANYTHING the past couple of months, I decided to wear my new Milly dress (thank you gift cards) that’s for sale at Bloomies. I figured it’d be nice to promote their stuff and all, ha ha. Who says you can’t be cute when volunteering? I mean they’re making me wear all black anyway, so I may has well do something a little more fun than a black top and black slacks.

Here’s the outfit:

JLW Volunteering at Bloomingdale's

Of course it’s not to late to help out with my BIG charity project for the fall — Blondes vs Brunettes. The game isn’t until November 13th and up through then (and even a little after), I’ll be accepting donations of ANY denomination. So feel free to head on over to http://2010alz.kintera.org/bvbdc/elauten  and donate what you can.

Additionally, Team Blonde and Team Brunette are joining forces for a charity silent-auction next week — the 28th. Feel free to join us at the event AND/OR if you’re a local business owner/designer feel free to make an in-kind donation to the auction. You can contact me for more details.

Oh and in case you don’t see it in my comments to you from my last post — TRACY: it’s Kenneth Cole from Nordstrom. It’s on sale online right now too! If you click the polyvore image, it will take you to the polyvore page where you can click the sweater and it will take you right to the nordstrom page. *Hope that makes sense.

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*Darn post was supposed to be scheduled for this morning, but I accidentally selected “PM” instead. Boo.

Campaign Fever


It seems that all I’m doing lately is campaigning. I’m SWAMPED with campaigning. And as much as I may be complaining about it, it REALLY is like going to the gym for me — getting there may be a nuisance, but once I’m there I love it.

I think more people would get involved on the ground, especially this time of year when things are exciting if they realized it really can be fun. Don’t get me wrong, some days are FAR from fun, but by and large it keeps me coming back for more, so it can’t be that bad.

Saturday GOP Campaigning
Saturday’s campaigning outfit

Campaigning to Take Back Congress
Sunday’s campaigning outfit

This weekend I’ll be hitting the campaign trail once again and heading up to Connecticut where I’ll be on the ground for McMahon for Senate and a myriad of Congressional races. 
Back to calling from home now. Which I ENCOURAGE everyone (Republicans that is :P) to do for a least 2hrs a week. Check it out: http://bit.ly/CallfromHome. It’s a SUPER easy, awesome tool.

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