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Thank You


For the second year in a row, I chose to spend Thanksgiving away from home. Not because I don’t love my parents dearly, but rather because the drive down I-95 home is absolutely miserable on Thanksgiving weekend. I don’t do well when it comes sitting in stand-still traffic.

So this year I ended up going t my roommate’s (Nick) parent’s place right outside of Charlottesville. Not only do I love this plantation house, I also love his mom so it’s been a great 3 days thus far. Sure, I miss not being home with my family, but this is a great next-best-thing.

And I’ve realized, that while I’ve complained a lot lately, I truly do have an awful lot to be thankful for. So while life is far from where I’d like it to be, I really do have it better than a lot of people out there.

That said, thank you for reading this blog. For being supportive and being a “friend” to me. I love this blogging community and I don’t know what I’d do without this place to vent sometimes. I thoroughly enjoy reading about your lives as well. Thank you — you’ve helped me make it through 2010 with my sanity in check and I’m truly grateful.

Awful, but always funny

Until next time…
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What a day


Perhaps my emotions are getting the best of me. I don’t know. It’s super frustrating though to be this tired at the end of the day, feeling oh so worn out because of the “nothing” that’s going on in my daily life.

Maybe I’m being too hard on myself, I did build two websites out today… Or rather I finished their graphic sets and basic designs, but until it’s a “real” job with benefits, this contracting stuff just won’t mentally cut it for me. So boo.

I realized today that I like making websites, but they’re not challenging. It’s not like speech writing or political strategy — it’s all obvious. I don’t know… it’s just something else to complain about in the mean time I suppose. Typical me.

All that said, I disastrously cried my eyes out to my roommate last night. So pathetic. It was just one of those unmitigated train-wreck kind of moments. Bound to happen. Completely out of my control.

Blondes vs Brunettes
As I mentioned in my previous post or two, the Blondes vs. Brunettes game was now 2 weekends ago (when I started this post, it was only 2 days ago… funny how that happens). It was the 6th annual and for the first time ever, the Blondes won in overtime. Yay! How exciting!!

Respect the National Anthem
Let’s go Blondes!
Blondes vs Brunettes 2010
Dude, we were pretty darn excited to win
Posing after an amazing Team Blonde victory
The fantastic Team Blonde coaches 
Love this picture, because Kimmy shows how hardcore the game is
Team Blonde. 2010 Champions.
It’s all for the cause 
Hold that trophy high and proud!
Post-victory celebrations in Georgetown

Facebook Ranting
If you own a “group” on Facebook, please don’t message me on bi-weekly basis. I assure you it’s only hurting your cause rather than helping. Give me two weeks, and I can provide you the analytics to prove it.

Election Night
Having spent the final weekends and days before the Election in OH, I was excited when my plans allowed me to hop on a plane back to DC for Election night festivities. That is, until I found out my luggage was lost and I would not be able to wear my planned Election Nigh outfit (as seen below):

Election Night 2010

I thought the elephant motif was a bit obvious, but still too perfect to pass up. I mean, it even has “Republican red” in this dress — too good.

Instead, I ended up in another fav, which was fun and vibrant, but much less GOP-centric. Oh well. Still took tons of fun pics AND the GOP rocked it out, so I can’t complain too much. That and my luggage was delivered to my house the next afternoon, so it all worked out.

Friday Night Out

Okay, going to post again later. Just wanted to take a break from designing for moment though and check in with the blogosphere.

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Blog Makeover: Fall 2010


My blog has officially been made over. I intended to make this “White House” theme back in August, but I opted for something focused on Blondes vs Brunettes and defeating Alzheimer’s instead. But since the game was Saturday, I figured now was a good a time as any to make the design and transition everything.

For those just tuning in, here’s what the blog just looked like:

I do miss having a busy background (while others may be glad it’s gone), so I may create SOMETHING for this one. But it’s not a current priority. Few more tweaks to this makeover in the next 24hrs, so if something’s “off,” rest assured it’s on my “To-Do List.”

Kind of liking the cherry blossoms in the signature the most at the moment. Especially since I just spent WAY too long on them.

More to come later tonight. As in, a real post.

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Oh Sweet Blog O Mine!

How I’ve neglected you these past few weeks. Thanks to crazy campaign deployments, a move and two new blog projects you’ve taken a sad place on the back-burner of my life. That ends today.

Having just finished off a new blog design that will debut tomorrow, I’m putting aside the rest of my so called life to blog.

Since my last post, I’ve 100% moved into my new place. Having failed to previously mention it, I now have roommates two of them. I gave up half a decade of living alone to thanks to my mostly jobless summer to save money in this arrangement for a year.

I’ve said no to many a friends before when it came to getting roommates, but the right friend asked at the right time. And since I’m going for no drama, I’m now rooming with two guys. One of which is my best friend, the other is his best friend and previous roommate.

Perhaps that’s all a bit convoluted to understand right now, but I’m sure you’ll hear plenty about them in the posts to come.

Aside from moving, I also spent quite a lot of time on the campaign trail. Mostly in Ohio working for now Governor-elect Kasich and now Senator-elect Portman. Two major victories for the GOP that I was very happy to be a part of. Hopefully some of this relentless fall campaigning will yield a job on the Hill in the coming weeks. Seriously, a job is beyond necessary at this point.

In fact, not having a job for such a long period of time has made me question everything. As a single gal, I’ve more or less calculated my worth based on what I accomplish in the professional arena. Up until this summer, life was peachy-keen post-grad. No complaints. Got all the lucky breaks, everything I wanted. But since leaving the RNC and losing two elections… not so much luck coming my way. Sure, I ‘m a leader in a number of organizations around town, but without a daily purpose… let’s just say I’ve been in an unbelievable “funk” for a while now. Teetering dangerously close to majorly depressed, I’m ready for a pick me up. And frankly, it can’t come soon enough.

Until next time.
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