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Playing Catch-Up


Blog! I keep saying I won’t forget about you and then I do. What’s up with that? Oh how life always gets in the way of my “me” time.

Thanksgiving: Fires and Fun Times
As previously mentioned, I spent Thanksgiving at Nick’s parent’s house out in Charlottesville (technically right outside of it). I absolutely love their house — Woodville. So pretty.

Front porch view
Clearly not a good time to have taken a picture as the sun’s setting, but it’s the side of the house.

The first night we were there, Nick’s brother Andy had just gotten home from school (USC, Carolina not California) and the 3 of us were up after the rest of the family had already gone to bed. Nick tried to convince Andy and I to go to bed around 2:45 a.m., but somehow we ended up talking in the kitchen instead with Nick passing out in front of the fireplace we had going in the library.

Well maybe 15 minutes later Nick walks into the kitchen asking us what a chimney fire sounds like. As if either of us had ever heard one before. So we follow him back into the library and sure enough you can hear this crazy sound coming from high up in the chimney. Andy runs outside to look at the roof and sure enough, the chimney’s on fire. Thank God we had stayed up…

So at 3 a.m. we wake up the family, call 911 and wait for the fire department to come and save us. Luckily, the dispatcher I spoke to told me to put out the fire in the fireplace and the fire department said that’s what helped stop the problem.

How’s that for a Thanksgiving tale? Totally crazy… we couldn’t believe it.

Chimney fire aside, we had a great time hanging out in Charlottesville and with Nick’s family, whom I absolutely adore. Seriously, I’m going to adopt his mom one of these days. Not that I don’t love my own, but she’s just awesome.

ECU’s Coming to DC
My alma mater, which I have mixed feelings about after September’s disappointment involving my sorority there, is coming to DC for the Military Bowl this December. By no means am I your typical diehard Pirate fan, but since they’re coming to my town I’ll be there cheering them on. If for no other reason to see my friends from NC who are headed up this way for the game.

That and I have a friend working for the Bowl so we’re getting a sweet package on tickets and tailgating. Can’t really complain about that.

OK, that’s all for me from now. Instead of writing more, I’m going to go and play catch-up and read some of my favorite blogs and check out the blogs of some of my new followers.

Until next time.
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