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No words


Because life is moving at a mach 5 speed, there are no words to explain all that is going on.

That said, I had some shopping to do today. Some life to catch up on that I’ve let slide the past few months. And it was nice. Nice to finally get out and get the things I need. Nice to finally have a paycheck again (yes, my first one was auto-deposited today) and not worry about how I was going to pay for everything that I wanted. And most of all, nice to be in new Lilly clothes. I made it from August – February without a SINGLE Lilly purchase. Whereas my longest dry spell previously was perhaps 3weeks. Boy did I reevaluate life these past few months.

Shopping Saturday

Don’t get me wrong. Not everything changed. But I’ve learned to appreciate things in a different way. I don’t feel as though I “need” the way I did before. And I sure as well appreciate working in a different way. Working 15+ hour days may be difficult and yes, I may still complain some, but I cherish the opportunity. The opportunity to succeed in my field. In short, to do what I said I could all of these months — to rise above those around me and really excel.

It’s funny how the older we grow, the more work defines us. I’m not saying it’s all that I am by any means, but I definitely feel like “me” again. All these months, it was the missing link in my life. Without a significant other. Without a family, work is all that I have. Now I want the rest of the picture to come together. Not in any rushed form, just in general.

Yep, there are no words to describe all that’s going on, but I will say, I’m ever so grateful for where I am in life. So, so, very grateful.

Until next time…

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Social Media High School


This social media obsessed gal is just popping in to share my newest online amusement for your viewing pleasure.

Sure I’m a dork for wanting to share this during my insanely busy day, but this is an awesome infographic from Flowtown, looking at the world of social media through eyes of a high school graduating class.

All the best social media sites are included, from Facebook to Twitter, Google to Foursquare, and much more.

Check out the clubs and quotes too. The best has to be Wikileaks: “I feel your scorn and I accept it.” So good.

Which social media highschooler do you most identify with?

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Press Secretary!!


Great news came to me three weeks whilst watching the NHL All-Star game and the Pro Bowl — I was offered a job as a Press Secretary on Capitol Hill. Hence the blogging hiatus.

I’ve absolutely meant to check back into here and rave sooner, but life’s been beyond words busy with the new gig and I’ve just not stopped long enough to take the time to actually write for anything other than work.

With just 3weeks under my belt, my shortest clocked in day has been 12hrs and my longest 24 — yeah, you can see where all my time’s going. But I’m having a blast, working for a great Member and great folks. Truly living the dream.

With the demanding job in the mix everything else in life has been short-changed. For the most part anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still functioning up to par at the moment, but maybe being a leader in so many different extra-curriculars needs to go. The only problem — deciding what. In so many ways I feel defined by the things that I do, so deciding what to give up feels impossible. I’ve almost made a decision here, but every time I feel confident and ready to pull the trigger I balk. Thinking, if I only give the new job a few more days, another week to settle, I’ll find a way to manage everything. That’s idealism though. Reality seems far more bleak in pulling that off.

So despite some complications (more to be mentioned at later date), 2011 has been FAR better than 2010. Let’s just hope the year keeps trending in this positive direction.

Until next time (which is hopefully SOON)…
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