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A screeching halt


So I’ve been MIA for well over a month and needless to say there’s a LOT of ground to cover in terms of what exactly has been going on in my life. From major, and I do mean major, life changes to dad’s retirement and everything in between.

I’ll begin at the beginning of August. After weeks of back and forth, Congress finally made a deal to raise the debt ceiling — in the 11th Hour mind you (would they do it any other way)? After weeks of ridiculous schedules and running haggard, the pace of my life came to a screeching halt on Tuesday, August 2nd when the boss voted and then packed his bags and left for home in IL for the month. Thank you God for Congressional Recess.

Except this was a far from normal recess. This is when all the monstrous life changes began. In that very moment where life slowed down.

Speaking of slowing down… of course I had to polyvore my recess casual clothes…

District Work Week: Monday
Recess allows for simple, comfy outfits on the Hill. After months of heels that is.
When the boss is away, I dress for play
Perhaps not my most casual recess outfit, the dress is no-fuss and helped make for a great, post-work happy hour ensem.

As I was saying, when life slowed down it gave me a moment to really stop and think about where I was in life. For so many months I kept an insane pace. Literally 14-15hr work days in the office, followed by hours of more work at home. It was all the price I paid for running one of the most robust press shops on the Hill. It was the price I paid for helping create a Tea Party superstar (regardless of what you think about his politics). It was the price I paid to be at the top of my game.

And I gave up everything for it. Well almost any way. I gave my National Committeewoman position for YRs in the state of VA. I gave up my 3 year chairman spot for VA’s largest YR club, Alexandria YRs. I gave up friends. I gave up Blondes vs Brunettes (you notice I’ve not asked for support for the Alzheimer’s Assn this year). And a myriad of other things. EVERYTHING in my life took a back-burner to my job.

That’s when I admitted to myself it was time to move on. I LOVED the Member of Congress. I loved being one of the best at what I was doing, but I hated the life I was living day-to-day.

After months of going back and forth, I finally made the decision to officially accept any of the positions I had been interviewing for. Because while this is when I accepted my decision, I had most definitely been thinking about switching offices in the months prior.

As for the rest of the story… that will just have to come in a latter post.

Until next time…
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