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Polyvore Mania


It’s no secret, I’m a polyvore fanatic. One of my favorite things when I buy a new accessory, dress, etc. is to find it and clip it to polyvore to use later. Sometimes it’s next to impossible to find a clipable piece, so it becomes a bit of a game. Other times, I have no luck and thus some of my favorite pieces are only viewable by those in my “real” life. Either way, I go through bouts of polyvore mania. Lately, I’ve had a ball with it…

Back in June, I asked what you’d be wearing for National Wear Lilly Day this year, but I never posted the day of with all my friends and what we wore. In fact, those pics are somewhere living on my computer at home, and I really SHOULD them b/c there were some FAB Lilly outfits, but ince this post is about my love of polyvore, I’ll show you the polyvore of my outfit instead for the time being:

National Wear Lilly Day: 2011

In my last “real” post I talked about leaving the Hill — I’ll finish the rest of that story in a moment, but these looks are from outfits I’ve worn on the new job:

New Job Professional: Keeping it Simple
So I’m not sure how many of you are comfortable pairing colors together that don’t obviously match, or you haven’t seen matched together time and time, but I’m AWFUL at it. But slowly bt surely, I’m becoming more comfortable putting together complimentary colors that aren’t obvious matches. Take this outfit for example. It’s a very “me-like” style, but until recently I never would have put it together.
Casual Friday: New Job Edition

While I may have made a bright statement my first Friday at the new gig, I was tres comfy! I don’t know who designed the Newport dress over in Lilly land, but kudos to them. I dig it!

When the boss is away, I dress for play

Another bright, comfy number. Clearly my wardrobe felt like saying HELLO new job!

Turquoise Day to Night

As always, I’m all about taking a dress from work to play.

Until next time…
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It’s Makeover Time!


For the blog that is! Out with the old and in with the new I say! Goodbye old, hello new!

Yes, yes I changed the blog once again. Though not drastically in terms of lay-out style. I very much liked the painting look, so I stuck with it. So I’ve retired the old theme:

And now you see the new one.
Of course there are still a few things I’m tweaking, but you get the general idea. So what do you think? Good? Bad? Like one of the past ones better? Let me know.
Until next time,