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Mirror Mirror Review

Thursday night midnight movies (is “night midnight” redundant? oh well) are among my favorite things in the world. There’s just something about seeing a flick before anyone else that I love. And rarely do you find me elsewhere on Thursday nights these days.

Last night was no exception. My roommate and I went to see Mirror Mirror the new Julia Roberts/Lilly Collins film.
I have a feeling I’m going against the grain on this one, but I truly enjoyed this bauble of a film. From opulent, vibrant sets to unexpected, witty one-liners, it was truly charming.

“A fresh and funny retelling of the Snow White legend, Mirror Mirror features breakout star Lily Collins as Snow White, a princess in exile, and Oscar-winner Julia Roberts as the evil Queen who ruthlessly rules her captured kingdom. Seven courageous rebel dwarfs join forces with Snow White as she fights to reclaim her birthright and win her Prince in this magical comedy filled with jealousy, romance, and betrayal that will capture the hearts and imaginations of audiences the world over.”

The cast:
The Queen: Julia Roberts. Finally an age-appropriate film for Julia. Don’t get me wrong, I love her with the best of them but she’s had some duds in the past few years. But this one worked well for her and she played an over-the-top queen to a T.

Snow White: 
Lilly Collins. Daughter of musical savant Phil Collins, and better known as the daughter in The Blind Side, the perfectly cast ivory skin and raven hair mixed with her sugary sweet demeanor made Lilly a delightful Snow.

The Dwarves:
unlike any dwarves you’ve previously seen in fair tales. Enamored with the beautiful, this drunken crew of thieves will keep you laughing.
I enjoyed Mirror Mirror from the beginning to “The End.”

Prince Alcott:
Armie Hammer. I recognize him best as the twins in The Social Network and the boyfriend in J.Edgar, Armie’s boyish good-looks and endearing smile make him a believable prince that you can easily like. While I thought I’d find some of his scenes annoying based on the previews, I instead found myself laughing during his screen time, charmed by the prince.

The Verdict
While I won’t classify this as a must, must see kind of movie, it’s exponentially better than half of what’s out there right now. So if you’ve already seen The Hunger Games, put Mirror Mirror next on your list. You won’t be disappointed.

*Movie-goer tip:
don’t leave until the credits literally roll. You’ll want to stick around and see what happens after “The End.”

** Missed Mirror, Mirror when it was in theaters? Catch it now with Redbox. Click here to find a location nearest you, and reserve your copy. Yes, that’s right. You can reserve your copy before you go to Redbox, guaranteeing its availability. Too good to be true for just a buck-twenty.

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SoMe: Facebook Timeline 101: telling the story of your brand’s life – timeline elements explained

In my last post I gave you an easy cheat sheet guide to image sizes for elements in Facebook’s new Timeline.

And with the hours ticking away before Facebook transitions all pages to Timeline, whether you’re ready for it or not, I decided it was time for another guide that complements the first.

This time, it’s Timeline 101. Sure you’ve seen some of the elements of Timeline before, heck you may even think you know it all, but odds are you’re missing some little tidbit that could set you apart from all of your brand competition. So be sure to check out each section and make sure your page is up to snuff, before this Friday, March 30th!

Click to enlarge.

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SoMe: Facebook Timeline Cheat Sheet for Images

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the past month, you’ve probably heard that ALL Facebook “Pages” are converting to the new Facebook Timeline this Friday, March 30, 2012.

For some of you this is an exciting opportunity to market your brand in a new way, with a hip scrapbook-esque feel. For others, the idea is terrifying! I mean, you just got used to the old set-up and now Facebook is pushing a major change on you. Again.

One of the most complicated things people have asked me about Timeline is what size different graphics should be so that they’re not cut off, etc. For those with Photoshop you’re probably less concerned, you go for the trial and error route. For those without, who wants to pay a graphic designer to make a new cover photo and it be the wrong size? Either way, getting it right the first time around is the way to go.

Which is why I’ve created an easy Facebook Timeline Cheat Sheet for Images to help you get started, showing the ideal size for all page elements. So be sure to keep this close-by when designing your Timeline, and don’t forget to share it with a friend!

Click to enlarge

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Silent House Review

Two things should be established early on:

1. I’m a pretty big Elizabeth Olsen fan. Like her super-twin sisters or not (of cours I do), there’s no denying this sibling is chock-full of talent and she’s super cute.

2. I hate suspense-thriller movies. You know the kind — sit on the edge of your seat, while the music accelerates and your heartbeat picks up as you wait for something awful to happen. Seriously, not my style. I know better than being dragged into these kind of movies, and yet, it happens a few times a year. Fail on my part for that.

Now that those two points are established…

If you’ve seen the previews for this movie, you probably have decent expectations of what you think it is. Something along the lines of 88 minutes of Elizabeth Olsen and father being tortured in a house by God-only knows what in real time. And that much is true, the whole film is one long unbroken shot, and it stars the excellent Elizabeth Olsen, but that’s about all it delivers.

“Silent House” could have been an intelligent and disturbing horror film — perhaps even a classic. All the elements were in place: creepy location, good actress, decent story with a few twists. But regrettably, it was not. Don’t get me wrong, you will sit on the edge of your seat waiting for what happens next, but the movie fell short of what the amazing trailers promised and I left the theater wanting something more. Or rather something else.

I won’t bother delving into it further. You can choose to see and it make your own opinions. But if I were you, I’d wait til Redbox. Better yet, make it Netflix.

Have you seen it? What do you think?

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Hunger Games Review

Looking at the extensive list of flicks I went to see in 2011, it’s safe to say I’m a movie fanatic. And so it should come as no surprise that I spend another Thursday night at midnight movie going to see “The Hunger Games” last night. And folks, we have a winner!

Hunger Game strayed far from that usual young adult novel turned film-cliché where everything is set to please every fan’s hearts. No, it didn’t follow they book 100%, but what movie does? You have to often cut and amend scenes to get into a watchable time. That was fine by me. Nothing they altered affected the overall storyline (SPOILER: did I really need to see the mayor’s daughter give Katniss the mockingjay pin? No.)

That said, it was truly a magnificent view of Collin’s bestselling novel. And if you’ve read the book it’s incredibly fulfilling to see it come to life on the big screen. Good for those who haven’t read it as well, it’s a definite must-see.

What’d you think?

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