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16 Movies of 2012 I’ve Yet to Review

Okay, so I’ve taken the time to review a few movies here and there this year, but I’ve seen a few in the past few weeks that I’ve not reviews, so I’ve decided to go ahead and add them now, as well as a couple others I’ve seen earlier this year too. It’s kind of ridiculous realizing just how many movies I’ve already seen this year…

Safe. (04.28.12) I didn’t know how much I liked Jason Statham until today. And it’s decidedly, a lot. Now on to the real review… Filled with gritty fight sequences and camerawork that takes full advantage of the raw talent it spotlights, Safe seems like a promising action film. However, its plot proves it’s an action film with an uncharacteristic element: common sense. Safe might not be thought-provoking material, but it does offer enough of a plot to engross the audience and carry the stars thought plenty of car chases, gun fights and high-flying kicks. Needless to say it distinguishes itself from the paint-by-numbers action movies that seem to be crawling out of the woodwork these days.

Five Year Engagement. (04.27.12) Funny, sincere and occasionally dramatic this romcom almost makes it as a comedy classic, but barely misses that mark. That said it’s still an endearing movie that’s highly entertaining. The only downfall — a 20 minute run that slowed the otherwise steady pace of jokes and sincerity towards the end that could have been edited out to make a more perfect flick.

The Lucky One. (04.22.12) Eh, save your money and wait for this to come to video. Sure Zac Efron’s hot and now that he’s 24 he finally seems old enough to say he’s hot, but the movie itself is lukewarm at best. Thrown into another lousy role Efron and the female lead (no reason to learn her name) play one-dimensional characters in a flick chock-full of clichés fleshed out by overused montages that rely on the soundtrack to set any tone at all. Again, wait to rent it.

Cabin in the Woods. (04.13.12) Let’s just say it’s not what I expected. But that’s not to say it’s bad. Quite the opposite, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this one. Unfolding in expected ways, this “horror” flick is actually meant to be comedic. And perhaps it works best because it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

American Reunion. (04.11.12) Let’s just say it was decent if you like the American Pie franchise. And it’s safe to say they’ve set it up so they can make another if it makes them enough money. Aside from Alyson Hannigan, it’s not like any of the other actors are doing anything.

21 Jump Street. (03.16.12) So the previews definitely gave away most of the great lines of this movie but Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill made for a perfect comedy duo. It’s definitely the best comedy movie that’s come out in a while.

Silent House (AMC Stubs didn’t record the date so I’m not sure) I was super excited to see Elizabeth Olsen again, but this movie just wasn’t for me.

Project X (03.01.12) The ultimate party movie. By no means is it “good,” but I was entertained.

Act of Valor. (02.23.12) This movie literally made me want to be a Navy Seal. Boasting the fact that it stars active-duty Navy SEALs using modern warfare tactics, it delivers some of the most realistic action sequences ever to grace the silver screen. While the acting isn’t the best-in-the-world it’s easy to forgive with this patriotic script that provides insight in a world we don’t normally see.

Safe House (02.10.12) Decent enough, but don’t rush to see it.

The Vow. (02.09.12) Nothing original here. But how can you not love the leads from The Notebook and Dear John coming together to make their own romantic movie. The Vow isn’t anything extraordinary, but it’s a great date movie

Man on a Ledge. (02.04.12) Full of drama and action this film was surprisingly entertaining.

Chronicle (02.03.12) No, just no.

The Grey. (01.28.12) While my roommate really liked this movie, it wasn’t my favorite of the year by any means.

Haywire. (01.25.12) It was a great action flick to start the year. Gina Carano made for a kick-ass action-chick lead, and it was a different enough film that I enjoyed it start to finish.

Contraband. (01.13.12) Mark Walhberg’s in it. Enough said. *yes, that’s a good thing

P.S. can you tell I got tired of writing reviews at some point? Yeah, I did.

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter all! I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a “real” post. A non-review/guide. An update on life that is. So I figure it’s about time for one. Albeit a brief one.

I spent the weekend at Old Woodville. After all the crap I’ve been dealing with lately, getting away was really nice. In fact, I may try to get away more in the upcoming months if I’m able to between dr’s appointments. Who knows.

More than anything this weekend proved what a friend is like at their very best and that sometimes people step up as family even if they’re not technically family.

And now here’s my weekend experience in photos:

Woodville. Absolutely gorgeous.
Springtime view 1. Click to enlarge.
Springtime view 2.  Click to enlarge.
Springtime view from the side of the house. Click to enlarge.
A view from Woodville looking out at the mountains and Nydrie Farm. Click to enlarge.

“We’re definitely from the South. We’re  shooting guns, drinking beer and talking about secession.” 
We’re American. We play football on holidays.
And while I may not like dogs, these two gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgebacks are keepers.

Until next time…
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