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Calling all social media professionals & small business owners!

Did you know, over 99% of U.S. adults on social networks are on Facebook? (per Edison Research)

And that Facebook will soon be over 1 billion active users.

Those are extraordinary stats if you think about it.

By now if you’re a small business owner, you’ve realized whether you like it or not — it’s not enough to simply have a website. More than any other online platform, you need to bring your business to Facebook. It’s a part of a comprehensive online experience.

But how do you make an impact on Facebook?

How do you find new fans to come and “Like” your page?

The right fans.

Who will engage with your company, help generate revenue, and spread the word about all you have to offer?

On the surface, the answer is simple — Facebook Ads. Having the ability to target ads to people based on very specific criteria and cap your ad spend at a daily amount of your choosing makes for a very cost-effective way to reach consumers, especially for small businesses.

But let’s face it, not everyone knows how to use them and maybe you’re not quite ready to invest in something you don’t fully understand.

That’s where SocialFresh’s online Advanced Facebook Ads online conference comes into play.

Filled with 22 online marketing experts and companies from around the world to instruct you on how to use ads effectively, this conference is a sure-fire way to help you understand Facebook ads better than anyone else you know.

Don’t worry about booking travel or expensive hotel rooms. This online conference allows you to attend from anywhere! The comfort of your own home. Your office. The Starbucks down the street. You name it. Talk about incredible convenience.

And just look at some of the companies leading online presentations:

Here is the full list of live presenters:
  • Justin Kistner from Webtrends
  • Marty Weintraub from aimClear
  • Randall Lloyd from Buddy Media
  • Diana Plazas from Doubletree by Hilton
  • Angela Leaney from the Harlem Globetrotters
  • Jordan Franklin from Clickable
  • Hussein Fazal from Ad Parlor
  • Tim Bosch from Likeable Media
  • Dan Slagen from HubSpot
  • Chris Tuff from 22squared
  • Amy Porterfield from
  • Ryan Cohn from What’s Next Marketing
  • Matt Monahan from AlphaBoost
  • Dan Benyamin from Citizennet
  •  Katie Roberts from Walden University
  • Maya Grinberg from Wildfire
  • Mark Unger from PUSH
  •  Jeff Widman from Pagelever
  • Merry Morud from aimClear
  • Erika Brookes of Vitrue
  • Lucy Jacobs of Spruce Media
  • Nate Riggs of The Karcher Group
  •  Roland Smart of Involver
  • Jay Baer of Convince&Convert
  • Chris Penn of WhatCounts
  • Victoria Gibson of FB Ad Queen

What the conference has to offer: 
- 22 Live presentations from top Facebook ad experts around the world
- 10 Facebook ad case studies
- 4 Live Q&A sessions
- 5 bonus Facebook ad basics presentations
- 6 additional bonus social media marketing sessions
- Private conference networking group
- And more!!

Still worried you don’t know enough about Facebook ads to attend an “advanced” online conference? SocialFresh has got you covered! They have 5 getting started seminars to get you up to speed! And help you start boosting your company’s Facebook presence immediately.

So what are you waiting for? Go sign-up for this incredible experience today!

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PS. Use coupon code ”SOCIALFRESH” to save $150 at checkout! 

Another handful of 2012 movie reviews

Since my 4/29 movie review, I’ve seen a handful of movies. In fact I’ve not blogged since then, so of course my return-to-blog post is going to be filled with reviews rather than fashion fun or life updates:

Lockout: (April) Perhaps derivative and to-the-final-moment exactly what I expected, but the subtle charms of this B-movie at best still managed to entertain me being exactly what it was — a predictable, implausible sci-fi flick.

The Avengers 3D IMAX: (5/4) I’m stepping  in front of a moving train for this review, but it wasn’t all that I expected it to be. That is, despite its high-budget and all-star cast, there were no surprises. But don’t think I didn’t love it. I did. Edit: I really liked it.

While you don’t have to have seen the individual Marvel movies that led up to this one, seeing the others, particularly Thor and Ironman, helped. But it’s safe to say Joss Whedon did a good job of blending all the superheroes without forgetting their real character. Something Marvel fans can appreciate.

And what’s not to love when a movie features a flying aircraft carrier? Side bar: If you follow me on twitter or Facebook you should know by now that I represent the sole provider of U.S. carriers for a living, and am crazy about them. 

While it’s not the greatest superhero movie I’ve ever seen, I think I reserve that for Dark Knight, The Avengers is still definitely worth the price of a ticket. Go see it. You won’t be disappointed.

Girl in Progress: (5/8) Every now and then I stumble across a film that speaks to where I am, where I’ve been in life in a profound way. This was one of those films. By no means did I try to grow up too fast as Ansiedad (which means anxiety in spanish. Great name, eh?) the protagonist did. Nor did I have a neglectful mother. But there was something about the spirit of the movie. The trying so desperately hard to make things work. Make things right. Despite a complete and utter lack of control that just worked for me.

The Road: (5/11) Whatever I claimed the worst film of 2011 to be, we can probably replace it with this one. Worried that I’d be “reading” my movie, before heading to the theatre I desperately tried to find out if it would in fact be in subtitles. Despite a foreign-heavy cast and crew, all signs pointed to English. Clearly I was looking in all the wrong places, because yes it was a subtitled. Which in and of itself is no problem, but I had a killer headache (and yes, I still wanted to go to the movies) so I knew “reading” was going to bug me.

But I digress… the film itself is a jumbled mess of a story. So much so, that I walked out of the movie after an hour. My first walkout. A huge deal when considering my I’ll pretty much sit through anything attitude.

This slow-moving, monotonous film committed the worst of all horror-movie-crimes — it wasn’t the least bit scary. Maybe it’s because others around me were laughing it was so much. It’s hard to take a horror film seriously when it’s laughable. Save your time. Save your money. Pass on The Road.

Dark Shadows: (5/11) I ended up paying to go see this one the evening I walked out of The Road. By no means was it on my “to see” list, but I miraculously did nonetheless.

The good news: if you’ve seen the previews and thought it looked absolutely awful, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. While by no means a summer blockbuster, it did have its moments that made it an overall enjoyable movie.

Based on the American gothic soap opera of the 1960′s and remade in the early ’90′s (I remember watching it with my mom before it’s early end in large part to the Gulf War), the altogether competent film (why thank you Johnny Depp) gives faithful fans of the tv show have something to look forward to. And something to enjoy.

The bad news: If Johnny Depp was the reason the movie didn’t flop, his development and screen-time left the rest of the cast underdeveloped and is the reason Burton didn’t find the re-make “sweet spot.”

The Dictator: (5/15) Let’s just say this one is as crude as the oil field of Wadiya, the fictional North African country where the movie is set. But that’s crude, coupled with hysterical, misogynistic, at moments tedious all at once. The title character, a power-hungry internationally hated dictator, Admiral General Haffax Aladeen played by Sacha Baron Cohen, shines in this over-the-top flick as the dictator comes to America to meet with the U.N.. But shining aside, I can’t help be think of Cohen in his wonderful role in Hugo and await the end of this long-running joke. Perhaps it’s time to surprise the audience with a few less Aladeens and Borats, and instead replace them with the more unexpected, meaningful roles. But that’s just me.

Beasts of the Southern Wild: (5/16) review will come next month.

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