May 2014 archive

Mums the word but why?

Why oh why has my blog fallen silent just as I found my voice once more? Well the answer is quite simple — I’ve been house hunting. And from there house buying.

Yep, little old me is soon to be the proud owner of a gorgeous Alexandria 2BR, 2BA condo next month.

As this is my first place it’s been a bit time-consuming. I had to find “just the right thing” that I absolutely LOVED. Seriously, google the prices of 1BR in the DC area, cry a little for me and then understand why I had to find the perfect place.

cute kitchen

my sweet little kitchen. more pics to come after move-in

That said, this place really is perfect. Jacuzzi bathtubs, sunroom, big ole patio, updated kitchen — what more could a gal ask for?

So I’m pretty sure my schedule is still going to be a little all over the place as I go into closing and moving into my very first place I’ve ever owned, but know that I’m around. I’m still reading your blogs, tweeting, instagramming, facebooking and so on. So leave some love and a link to your blog, and then check out the little social media buttons on the right and connect with me elsewhere for the next 30 days as my life transitions in a big old way.