The Fault In Our Stars

Starting back  in 5th grade I began to read these Lurlene McDaniel books. They were these horribly, morbidly, wonderful books (that’s one hell of a description) about young kids with terminal illnesses. Mostly cancer. Sounds depressing (which they were), but they really were wonderful. They were in various series, and lo and behold the major character, or their best friend, died in every damned book.

They were heartbreaking to read, but there was just something so emotionally raw and beautiful about reading them. Every book, in the final pages, made me lose my shit. Except I was young and exponentially more polite back then, so invariably I wouldn’t have used such crass language to describe my penchant for bawling my eyes out, mourning the loss of a character I had got to know over the past 200 pages or so; nevertheless I lost my shit. Why my mother bought them for me, book after book, knowing what they’re about I’ll never know (she couldn’t have stopped me from reading them either). In later years she’d come to affectionately refer to them as the “books I used to read about kids dying.” Lovely.

The Fault In Our StarsWhich leads me to this… this Friday night I read “The Fault In Our Stars.” In one fell swoop. From clicking buy on my Kindle app to reading the last page. 3-4 hours of my life passed by. Just as the 5th grade version of myself once did (and did for years, until I inevitably stopped reading tragic Lurlene McDaniel books sometime my sophomore year of high school when I moved back to NC. I think I had caught up on the series and in waiting for the next one to come out, discovered the wonderful world of Sweet Valley University. Yes, my taste was impeccable back then. I digress.) I immersed myself whole-heartedly into this poignant, painful world of reality and death. And somewhere in those pages found inspiration, love and an appreciation for infinity (you should probably read the book for the latter point).

This post isn’t about my review of the book (although it is exceptionally brilliant and I recommend it to every last person reading this post) or the movie that I saw less than 24 hours after finishing the book (amazing as well; did the book justice; a bit less expectational though, or at least exceptional in a different right), but rather the emotions and life lessons we get out of a book like that.

It’s funny how being faced with another’s mortality, we’re able to see our own lives a little more clearly. How by poetically suffering with someone else via text on a page we create this sacred bond that books have with their readers — that in some small way we’re glimpsing into the nonexistent soul of the book, certainly of the author — and in that vulnerable and exposed place, we find clarity.

It’s hard to describe. It’s all but tangible. Lessons imparted through no suffering of our own, save the heartbreak of falling in love with characters and losing them into the oblivion of text. But there’s just something magical about what you take away from such a beautiful book. What exposing one’s soul through the written word imparts upon the person soaking in those words like a sponge. Surely it’s sort of cathartic act, blessed by God, that makes the reader feel the words so deeply.

Whatever it is. I’m grateful for it. Lurlene McDaniel imposed, John Green, or whomever next author that crosses my path — they shall undoubtedly find a way to shape my life through their words.

Words have power after all. To heal. To hurt. And pain, well that’s mean to be felt.

Side note, Amazon Kindle as the book for just $4.99 right now. You don’t need a kindle to read it. Just download the “Kindle Cloud App” to your computer or phone. Maybe not a perfect solution, but it’s a cheap one. :P

Mums the word but why?

Why oh why has my blog fallen silent just as I found my voice once more? Well the answer is quite simple — I’ve been house hunting. And from there house buying.

Yep, little old me is soon to be the proud owner of a gorgeous Alexandria 2BR, 2BA condo next month.

As this is my first place it’s been a bit time-consuming. I had to find “just the right thing” that I absolutely LOVED. Seriously, google the prices of 1BR in the DC area, cry a little for me and then understand why I had to find the perfect place.

cute kitchen

my sweet little kitchen. more pics to come after move-in

That said, this place really is perfect. Jacuzzi bathtubs, sunroom, big ole patio, updated kitchen — what more could a gal ask for?

So I’m pretty sure my schedule is still going to be a little all over the place as I go into closing and moving into my very first place I’ve ever owned, but know that I’m around. I’m still reading your blogs, tweeting, instagramming, facebooking and so on. So leave some love and a link to your blog, and then check out the little social media buttons on the right and connect with me elsewhere for the next 30 days as my life transitions in a big old way.


Personal Website?

Spring Website Sale
Ever thought about getting your own personal portfolio website? Well now you can without having to know any coding or emptying your wallet! From now until April 1, you can get a customized portfolio site (domain/hosting/design) for just $100. Additional upgrades available. Interested in a custom wordpress blog — talk to me about that too! Just email

[REVIEW] Influenster VoxBox – PUR Water Filter

Influenster is a place for culture junkies to come together and share their unique opinions of products and experiences. Active members of Influenster get exclusive access to deals, promotions, and swag [that's what's in the "VoxBox"] from brands that thrive off the input (the good, the bad, and the ugly – they just want to know what’s up).

PUR Water Filter
About two weeks ago I got my PUR stainless steel water filtration system from Influenster and needless to say I love it!

I was stoked to be chosen to receive this filter, but was a bit worried about the installation process when it showed up. Needless to say it literally took me less then 30 seconds to install and have purified water straight from the tap. Amazing, right?

Here in Alexandria, VA the tap water tastes AWFUL. In fact I call it poison and exclusively drink bottled water (even for brushing my teeth). It’s metallic, and just altogether ick. PUR’s system totally remedied the water. I’m not altogether sure it’s not going to still kill me, but the upside is that it no longer tastes like it is. Totally worth buying.

Be sure to check out my Instagram video of the filter in action.




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