Fall Shopping List: Shoes

Shoes mystify me. I can seriously look at them online and try them on in department stores for hours on end.

Here are a few of my favorite fall picks:

I tend to have a love-hate relationship with J Crew, but could these paisley Molly heels from J Crew be any more to die for? These are perfect statement shoes and a must-have on my autumn shopping list.
I’m a huge of of shoes that I know go with several outfits. These pumps VANELi, are a step up from ballet flats are not only fashionable, but also extremely comfy!

I know DCSheke is far too stylish herself to ever endorse these shoes, but I stumbled across them at the new Bliss Spa in DC and at Nordstroms recently and scoffed in disapproval. It wasn’t until this past week that I friend told me about them and made me believer. These are the infamous MBT shoes that align your posture and give your legs a workout while you wear them. And after hearing that about how everyone in her office is wearing them and seeing great results (she’s lost an inch and half around her calf in two weeks), I decided to invest. They are bar none the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. So if you see me walking around DC, you can bet that these will be on my feet.

And therapeutic/workout shoes aside — here’s to all the fall party shoes. The ones we can wear to weddings, galas, cocktail parties straight through to the holidays:

Guest and Evie by Kate Spade.

Air Eliana OT Sling by Cole Haan

And of course a pair of Louboutin pumps to lust after, as they are extremely out of my budget. But so perfectly my style that you would think they were made just for me.

It’s a Lilly World, I Just Live In It

I’m acutely aware that Summer is nearing an end. For that reason, I’m heading home to the beautiful beaches of Wilmington, NC next week where I plan to soak in a week of sun and enjoy all the coast has to offer.

In an effort to be semi-productive I’ve also taken to packing, before the 11th hour that is, to ensure that I don’t miss any important items.

First outfit on my list: my Sunday Funday outfit.

Sunday Funday: Today's Outfit (7 June 2009)

Definitely one of my favorites from earlier this ummer, this ensemble is perfect for NC beach-wear. I was all but born in Lilly clothing, so what better way to usher the end of summer, than in the quintessential pink and green of Lilly Pulitzer.

Lilly is definitely a way of life down in the South. Sure you can avoid it, but why would you want to?

Perfect to pair with pearls and big sunglasses, everything the line has to offer is fabulous. OK, save their misstep in making glow-in-the-dark dresses for women earlier this year… But aside from that, you can count on their styles to be playful, flattering and timeless.

DC Date Night

Date night

Every DC girl needs a go-to date night outfit that’s sure to impress. While I’m breaking form and not going for pearl accents here, this an ideal date night outfit, that fits my tastes perfectly.

Catherine Malandrino has created the perfect DC date night dress. This flirty frock features sculptural curved ruffles sleeves, with a fitted draped wrap-around neckline that’s flattering to any frame.

Once $110, these Syria heels by Guess are now priced at an affordable $49.77. The feminine detail and neutral color, makes these shoes an investment that will stand the test of time.
Any sort of gold earring is the way to go here. Complimenting the blush pink of the dress perfectly, this pair of hammered gold, is classy without taking away from the gorgeous dress.

With a great outfit like this, why in the world am I staying in on a Friday night?

Another day, another guest blogger


Our dear DCSheke is still down in Texas and I have the privilege of guest blogging for her today. I planned on doing this earlier in the day, but needless to say it was just one of those days. But now that I’m sitting at home perusing the best that online shopping has to offer on this fabulous Friday night, I have time to blog.

Like yesterday’s guest blogger, I’m a North Carolina native, but I’m from the coast. And even though I’m a beach baby, I’ve taken on the style of southern pearls and Jackie O. Rarely influenced by trends, the only constant in my daily wardrobe is my pearl necklace and my pearl earrings. The rest is about timeless pieces — investing in things that will last.

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